Man who worked in bakery builds new house with money from crypto and forex

  • A Nigerian man has become the latest house owner in town following the completion of his new abode
  • Taking to social media, the excited Nigerian man, who worked in a bakery, attributed his success to crypto and forex trading
  • Internet users swooned at his celebratory post with heartwarming messages as netizens hailed him

A Nigerian youth was overjoyed as he finished constructing his new house.

@SDX_Trades announced his house feat on X with a picture and short clip of the beautiful property.

Man celebrates building new house, shares how crypto and forex helped him do itHe built a new house with his earnings from crypto and forex trading.
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Photo Credit: People Images, X/@SDX_TradesSource: Getty Images

@SDX_Trades attributed his success to his earnings from crypto and forex, adding that he couldn’t imagine building a house as he worked in a bakery years ago.

He noted that despite the increased cost of building materials, he scaled through and appreciated God for making it possible.

@SDX_Trades hinted at building a mansion next. His X post read:

“Congratulations to me on my new house!

“Thank God for crypto and trading.

“A few years ago, when I was working in a bakery, I couldn’t imagine myself getting to this point in ten years.

“Despite the increase in the price of goods and building materials,

“GOD still run am.

“Big mansion next .”

Another Nigerian youth displayed the AC he bought with his earnings from Notcoin cryptocurrency.

See his tweet below:

People celebrate with him

@Hamsuf said:

“Congratulations boss, please make sure to buy the building next to yours.”


“Everybody started from the gutter.

“Congratulations chief.”

@RicotheTrader_ said:

“This is really great thank God for your growth and may he grant you wisdom and understanding to in all your endeavors.”

@timm_ot said:

“Congratulations bro. Greater wins to come.”

@Starr_gae said:

“Congratulations my bro .

“Followed through all the process, happy to see the beautiful end product.”

@Babs_dee said:

“Congratulations to you bro… This is the beginning of great things in your life. More success to come brother.”

@financegeeek said:

“Congratulations brother!

“More houses to come!”

@_THE_CRAFT3R_ said:

“Congratulations brother.

“More to come.”

Man builds mansion with crypto earnings

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a man had built a mansion with money he made from crypto.

In a clip shared by @greybtcdaily, the man took the interviewer around the house, which is close to completion.

When asked how much he started his trading career with, he said $0. To explain how that happened, he revealed that he got free dollars from participating in airdrops, which started as his capital. It should be noted that airdrops in crypto are “free” money given to people when they complete promotion tasks for a crypto project looking for visibility.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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