Man who gives wife N330k per term angry after finding out his kids school fees

  • A Nigerian man was shocked after finding out his wife had been lying to him about their children’s school fees
  • He usually gives her N330k per term as school fees for their three children until a fateful day he visited the school himself
  • His discovery got him angry as he earns below N200k in his office job and combines his generator repair hustle to cater for the family

A Nigerian man who gives his wife N330k per term for their three kids’ school fees got angry after finding out the truth.

Facebook influencer Olwanishola Akeju, who shared the story, said the man is his friend.

Man angry after finding out wife lied to him about kids' school feesThe man found out his wife lied to him.
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How man discovered his kids’ school fees

Akeju said the man did school runs for the first time and found out his wife had been lying to him all along.

He found out from the school’s headmistress that the school fees of his oldest kid is N67k. Akeju wrote:

“…He went to drop them in school today after the school communicated that their bus is faulty.

“The Headmistress who had not seen the children’s Dad since they joined welcome him and used the opportunity to inform him that the children are yet to pay for this end of the term party.

“Surprisingly that he had to pay another fee, he inquired about the children’s fees and got to know that the highest school for the eldest is N67,000, meaning the school for the three children can’t be up to N200,000, not to talk about N330,000. This N330,000 is different from School bus, Uniforms, school bags, socks and shoes that he pays when needed to be replaced.”

According to Akeju, the man combines his generator repair work with his office job paying less than N200k to sustain the family.

He added that the man’s wife has been pleading with her husband over the incident.

In a follow-up story, a woman who squandered her husband’s N10 million shared why she did it.

The story sparked outrage among netizens

Arinola Oladitan said:

“I saw a lot and settled so many cases like this when I worked as a school administrator.

“Haaa, Some women are wicked o. Some won’t even pay the school fees given to them by their husband.

“I saw plenty o.”

Chidimma Okorie said:

“To think that the man is even struggling, that’s the painful part…I hope he forgives her and also let bygones be bygones…it is well.”

Zanaria Dooshima Abur said:

“This is so sad,

“This is how women destroy their marriage with their own hands…

“If the man stop trusting her now she will be angry and start going about that people should talk to him.”

Oluwabunmi Kezia Farukuoye said:

“Just wow! I have no words for the woman, especially since she knows how he struggles.”

Akanji Opeyemi Joseph said:

“I think the right thing for the woman is to ask for forgiveness sincerely and should be ready to do restitution by accepting to return the increments on the money she has collected ever since to the husband but it’s now left with the husband to decide whether to collect it from her or not but to forgive her is very necessary as well…”

Naomi Amaka Emeka Anyadike said:

“It’s truly a deep cut. She didn’t do well but let her motive be known too.

“Lastly, her husband should review himself too cos sometimes wives do this when husbands are not transparent enough.”

Woman squanders N10m husband gave her

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a man abroad lamented after his wife squandered the N10 million he sent her for land.

A Facebook user, Kelvin Onovo, who shared the man’s story, said he received it in his DM. According to Kelvin’s story, the man, whose identity was not disclosed, subsequently sent his younger brother money to purchase three plots of land, and he came through for him.

Kelvin narrated that the man’s wife found out about the ongoing building project being handled by his younger brother and vowed not to move into the house when completed.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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