Man returns to wife in Nigeria, finds out 2 of his kids belong to elder brother

  • A Nigerian man is shattered after finding out he did not father two of his children as he had thought
  • The man had migrated to the UK on a visiting visa and left his wife and three children in the care of his elder brother
  • After five years, he returned to Nigeria and found out the heartbreaking truth while he was processing visas for his wife and kids to join him abroad

A Nigerian man has been thrown into confusion after he found out his elder brother fathered two of his supposed children.

His shocking story was shared on Facebook and sent social media users into a frenzy.

Man discovers two of his kids belong to his elder brotherHis elder brother fathered two of his kids.
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In a Facebook post, Gistlover released WhatsApp texts from the shattered man named Joseph, in which he narrated his story.

Joseph said he migrated to the United Kingdom on a visiting visa and left behind his three children and wife to be cared for by his elder brother.

He noted that he sent money for the construction of his house and the upkeep of his family

DNA tests open Joseph’s eyes

After five years, Joseph said he returned to Nigeria to process visas for his wife and children to join him in the UK.

In the course of the processing, he was required to do DNA tests, and that was how he found out only the first child is his.

Joseph said his wife and family members begged him to continue the visa plans, but he needed advice.

Another man had found out he is not the biological father of his 18-year-old daughter.

Mixed reactions trail the story

Ujunwa Chinyere Nwosu said:

“Dear Lord grant us marriage without divorce grant us faithful and loyal partners amen.”

Phlexzo said:

“I say ehnnnnnnn! Wumi must do DNA sêh!

“Na Ògun go Konk anybody wey dey support Yur refusal to doing it.

“She loved Mohbad so much during his time being alive we know, but we need to be super sure, that Liam is his son.. PERIOD!!”

Isiaka Musiliu said:

“E be like say unah dey craze for that family continue which visa…only my biological son is going with me, my bro can keep the wife and the two children and for the house we will talk about that later. Let me go back to UK in peace first.”

Minister Chinenye Nnadi said:

“That woman isn’t meant for you, and believe me if you go ahead and continue with the marriage she’s going to team up with your brother and wipe your memory away completely There’s nothing to be confused here , just take your only son along with you and pray to God for a good woman to marry period.”


“Dear Lord, may we never enter a marriage we cannot explain and may our spouses never become the burden we carry in marriage. Amen.❤”

Man finds out 4 kids aren’t his

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a man had discovered he didn’t father his four children.

Kolawole shared his sad story on Kokoro Alate, a Yoruba radio program, saying he found out after doing DNA tests on them.

Speaking in Yoruba, the man said he married her in 2007 and narrated how a misunderstanding made him consider doing the tests.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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