Man returns N3.7 million mistakenly sent to him, gets unexpected reconnection

  • A Nigerian man has said he received a huge shock for returning N3.7 million someone erroneously sent to his bank account
  • The man said when he got the alert, he instantly knew it was a mistake because the description read that the money was for trampoline
  • The honest man shared how he posted about the erroneous credit transfer on social media and caught the sender’s attention

Timothy Ofoegbu, a Nigerian man, has been celebrated on social media after he returned N3.7 million that was sent to his account by mistake.

Timothy shared a screenshot of the credit alert on Facebook and narrated how he got it back to the sender via social media.

Reactions as man gets shock of his life after he returned N3.7 million erroneously sent to his accountTimothy Ofoegbu returned N3.7 million.
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Owing to the complicated process involved in returning the money via bank, Timothy said he resorted to post about the money on social media and caught the attention of the sender.

“…Friday morning, I went to the bank to inform them and see how it can be transferred back to the owner. It was to be a complicated process that will involve a lawyer and even a court order due to money laundering and terrorism issues.

“I posted it on social media so that I will get more ideas how to handle it and if possible , track down the owner . That helped a lot.”

Timothy receives shock of his life

When Timothy connected with the sender, it was then he learnt that the man based in Niger State was battling with his health by virtue of the wrong transfer.

Before returning the money, Timothy said he told the sender to give him the number of the man it was originally intended for.

It was at that point Timothy found out that the original recipient of the N3.7 million was a distant relative. In his words:

“…I insisted that he must give me the number of the man that he wanted to transfer the money to for background checks.

“I got the shock of my life when I called him. He turned out to be a distance cousin of my mother . Both of us grew up in Maiduguri. We know each other but have not seen since 1992. He was screaming for joy and I was also happy.

“This morning the money had been returned to the owner . I had peace as a river in my heart when the money left my account because I know that it will bring peace to both men…”

Another Nigerian man had shown the huge money mistakenly credited to his account.

People commend Timothy Ofoegbu

Chidimma Nwosu said:

“You did well.

“But I think the sender should stop doing mobile transfer for now, since he makes mistakes with name, you can imagine losing 5.2 million in this economy within 6. months.”

Rita Uche Nwafor said:

“You and your mother’s maternal cousin have same surname that’s strange.


Ernestina Anierobi Dirim said:

“Commendable and exemplary. I hope the teaching registers in the heart of many❤️.”

Ani Jessica Catherine said:

“God has a way of doing his things. Reconnecting you with your relative, saving the man’s life, giving you global visibility and a good name. Serving God in sincerity remain the best because He will always have a way to bless those that did. I’m a living testimony.

“God will bless you immensely Sir. Your own will not lost.”

Peter Ndeche said:

“God bless you, Bro Tim; for representing Christ so well through your honest action.

“This is what being a Christian is all about.

“I’m so proud of you .”

Buchi Isra’el Collins said:

“I just wanted to see the balance you blocked that’s all… …

“My heart was full of joy reading this testimony. This is the Light we are CALLED to shine in this very dark world. Now God Is glorified. GLORY BE TO GOD FOREVER.”

Man gets N10m reward for returning millions

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a man was rewarded with millions after he returned N100 million mistakenly sent to his account.

The scalp trader shared on X that the follower messaged him saying he mistakenly withdrew $100k (N100 million) from his stake account into @Mrbankstips’s bet account.

He said he checked and indeed confirmed the said whopping sum in his account. The man added that he returned it and was given $10k (N10 million) instantly.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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