Man living in China uses their language to compete in tongue twister, wins

  • A man resident in China has learned the language such that he is able to use it to communicate with the locals
  • In a video shared on TikTok, the man known as Jerry China was spotted interacting with Chinese people
  • Jerry was able to do a tongue-twister user the Chinese language and those with him could not do it

Reactions trailed the video of a man who lives in China and who could speak the Chinese language.

The man, identified as Jerry China, speaks the language so well such that many thinks he is Chinese.

In a video he shared on TikTok, Jerry was seen interracting with Chinese people using their language.

He gave the Chinese folks a tongue-twister and asked them to repeat after him. None of them could do it perfectly before giving up.

One of the Chinese men gave Jerry a tongue-twister to repeat and Jerry repeated it without mistake.

The video is trending on TikTok as people wonder how long he has lived in China due to how he enjoys the language.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as man speaks Chinese language

@Myaa_Dasilva said:

“You’re telling me this doesn’t sound like Twi.”

@tokobongo commented:

“Not only did he learn the language but the banter too.”

@Noah said:

“This Chinese language will be difficult to learn. You must get big nose to learn it fast.”

@sgmuntanga said:

“People to people, interaction building country to country in cooperation.”

@MasalaKiD said:

“I thought they were arguing.”

@Primeking commented:

“Bro speaks Chinese more than the Chinese.”

@BysonXX said:

“Speaks better than me. Good job, brother.”

@GZahir said:

“I can hear the African accent/energy in the Chinese. We are the same power speaking everywhere.”

Man speaks fake Chinese language

Meanwhile, it was a funny moment when a man on a commercial bus spoke what sounded like the Chinese language.

In a hilarious video, the man was talking on the phone, and he instantly attracted the attention of other passengers.

However, the caption on the video revealed that the Chinese language was fake, but he successfully got other passengers to believe him.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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