Man finds his wife crying in the kitchen at 1am at night, shares touching video

  • A Nigerian man was shocked after finding his wife seated on the floor and shedding tears in the kitchen
  • He said he sometimes wondered how she does school runs, household chores, runs her business and still take care of him and their kids
  • Speaking on his wife’s postpartum depression, the worried man revealed their second child is seven months

In order to drink water, a Nigerian man walked to his kitchen and was stunned to find his wife seated on the floor and weeping by 1am at night.

While describing her situation as a case of postpartun depression, the man stated that their second child is seven months old.

Nigerian man emotional as he finds his wife crying in the kitchen by 1am at nightHe found his wife weeping in the kitchen at 1am at night.
Photo Credit: @saucemolowoSource: TikTok

Why his wife shed tears

He shared a clip of his wife crying on the floor and captioned it:

“Our 2nd baby is 7months Sometimes i wonder how she does it all from housechores, school runs, cooking, taking care of me and the kids and also go about her business, take care of herself and still put on a sweet smile on her face, she’s all i got is my turn to take care of her and i will joyfully do it @Berry.”

Speaking further on the TikTok clip, the man said he asked her why she was weeping. His wife told him she was tired and stress and needed stress from everything.

He expressed love for his wife , describing her as his super hero. The doting man said he would support her.

Via their TikTok handle, the couple keep netiens posted about some activities in their marital life.

What is postpartum depression?

Mayo Clinic defined postpartum depression as a dpresssion that occurs after childbirth.

Those who develop postpartum depression are at greater risk of developing major depression later on in life.

Symptoms might include insomnia, loss of appetite, intense irritability and difficulty bonding with the baby.

Untreated, the condition may last months or longer. Treatment can include counselling, antidepressants or hormone therapy.

In another case of postpartum depression, a new mum said she felt like leaving her newborn.

Watch the video below:

People share their thoughts on postpartum depression

SuNwa said:

“Sometimes I feel like just going back to my parents to cool off cos I leave far from my family no friends (my choice) no family near only me and my husband and my little angel but she gives me joy.”

sweetberny05 said:

“Hmmmmm darling husband doesn’t understand me ooo sometimes I cry my eyes out…. All I keep hearing is is ur own child.”

SHOOGA said:

”Postpartum depression is real.

“Pls men support ur wife in any little way u can.”

Vivian Kalu said:

“I thank God for my husband am pregnant he is paying me salary and he is always here when I need him lord am grateful.”

Mhaycakes said:

“M a single mom! I did pregnancy alone! Both financially! My baby is not up to a month but I’ve never had postpartum depression! I pray for ❤️‍ healing.”

Olamilekan said:

“Omo my wife gave birth 14 days ago I came back from work and I saw my wife on the floor crying na then I knew she needed me I just called my boss I will be working from home for 2 months.”

Rose said:

“Honestly some people don’t understand the meaning of postpartum depression… this thing is real.”

Bambam speaks on postpartum depression

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that Big Brother Naija’s ex-housemate Bambam had opened up about her pregnancy experience.

In an interview with media personality Chude, the mum of two revealed motherhood changed her in ways she never imagined.

According to Bambam, her husband, fellow co-star Teddy A, was supportive of her and open to her transitions with her two pregnancies. She revealed her first pregnancy, which birthed her daughter, Zendaya, was brutal; her complexion changed, she had breakouts increased in size, and she shocked herself every time she looked in the mirror.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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