Man Buys Cheap Fuel Priced at N150 Only, Fills His Car With N1900 at NIPCO Filling Station

  • A driver was happy that he had converted his car to be powered with compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • Instead of using premium motor spirit as fuel, the man took his car to the NIPCO filling station and filled it with CNG
  • The CNG cost him N150 per cubic meter, and he bought 12.74 cubic meters, thereby filling his car with only N1900

A driver who has converted his car to run with compressed natural gas (CNG) is now enjoying cheap fuel.

The man no longer uses premium motor spirit (PMS) to run his car but instead, has a cylinder installed in the car to carry CNG.

A man fills his tank at the CNG filling station.The man used less than N1900 to fill his car tank. Photo credit: Getty Images/Maskot and TikTok/@meitlandautocng. Man’s photo used for illustration only.Source: UGC

In a video, the man was seen at a NIPCO filling station where CNG sold at N150 per cubic meter.

The cylinder in his car was filled with 12.74 cubic meters of CNG, meaning he spent a little more than N1900 to fill it.

The man noted that it would cost him no more than N2000 to fill his car’s tank with CNG fuel.

In the video posted by @meitlandautocng, the process of filling the car with CNG took only a few minutes, and the driver was happy.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as man buys N150 fuel


“Please, where can I convert mine in Nigeria.”

@KATSINA said:

“How much does the conversion cost please?”

@Tom Diamond said:

“This stuff has been on for more than 4years just that a lot of people are not aware but my fear na say make BAT or increase Gas.”

@Jide Jimo Mokwenye said:

“So if Tinubu nor enter power we nor go get this update before?”

@olusolataiwo593 asked:

“Good morning, please where can I convert my Toyota Camry 2000 model to use CNG in lagos?”

@Engr. ‘Yemi Oloketuyi said:

“CNG vehicle may need to refuel more frequently than a gasoline-powered vehicle. This can be an issue for drivers who need to travel long distance.”

Lady buys fuel for N800 per liter

Meanwhile, a lady bought fuel, and she shared her frustration due to the price she bought it at a time when fuel scarcity was reported in Nigeria.

The lady, Chidimma, said she bought fuel at N800 and wished that she would once again buy it at N150 per litre.

Over the weekend, there were media reports that fuel is being sold at N2000 per litre in some states in northern Nigeria.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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