Man Based Abroad Buys Tomoteos And Pepper For €4.50 Which is Over N7000 in Exchange Rate

  • A Nigerian man who is based abroad showed people the tomatoes and peppers he bought for personal use
  • He said the fresh tomatoes and pepper cost him €4.50, which in the current exchange rate is more than N7000
  • The man shared photos of the fresh tomatoes and pepper on X where it is attracting many reactions

An abroad-based man has shared a photo to show Nigerians the fresh tomatoes he bought.

The man said the pepper and tomatoes cost him €4.50 which is over N7000 in today’s exchange rate.

Man says tomatoes and pepper are expensive abroad.Some people are saying living in Nigeria is better than living abroad. Photo credit: Getty Images/MixMedia and X/Salako. Man’s photo used for illustration only.Source: UGC

The man, Salako, was reacting to another post by another X user, Tamara Posibi, who said living in abroad could be cheaper than living in Nigeria at the moment.

Salana had said:

“I saw £5 tomatoes someone posted today, and I can conveniently say it may be cheaper to live abroad than in Nigeria right now.”

In his response, Salako said:

“With everything I hold dear, I swear. I bought these yesterday for €4:50 – 4 euros, 50 cents. Tomatoes – €1. Pepper – €3.50.”

Although Salako did not mention the country where he resides, the photos have attracted many comments.

See the photo below:

Reactions as man buys expensive tomatoes and pepper abroad

@Laashile_ said:

“And the funny thing is, it would have been way cheaper if the pepper you got was habanero, bell pepper are usually more expensive, even in Mile 12 market today, one piece goes for 500 naira.”

@DearEnesi said:

“But this is like 7k in naira. I think you will get more than this quantity in Nigeria.”

@SportyStacey7 said:

“There are so many things you can buy for a pound aside from pepper and all. Can anyone spend 1 naira for pepper and other commodities? We are in for a long ride in this country.”

Man shows his lifestyle in the UK

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man in the UK shared a video showing people how he rides a bicycle to work instead of buying a car.

The video was shared on TikTok by Godwin Newdance, who said they were in the UK to make money, not to ride cars.

He said there were so many expenses to be incurred if one decides to buy a car, insisting he would make do with a bicycle.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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