Lil Win Says He Will Arrest Any Pundit Who Critiques His Movie Without Watching It, Video Trends

  • Kumawood actor Lil Win has sent a message to industry players who want him to fail ahead of the movie premiere
  • Lil Win revealed that he would encourage everyone to buy a ticket to watch his movie before writing negative reviews online
  • Some social media users have commented on Lil Win’s video after watching the trailer of his highly anticipated video

Ghanaian actor Kwadwo Nkansah, popularly called Lil Win, has warned media personnel and bloggers who will write negative reviews about his new movie, A Country Called Ghana’ without watching it.

Lil Win alleged that some Ghanaians want his downfall and will do anything to ensure he fails, as he invested in his movies to pave the way for other rising stars.

Kwadwo Sheldon and Lil WinKwadwo Sheldon and Lil Win rock elegant outfits. Photo credit: @lilwinSource: Facebook

He added that Ghanaian content creator Kwadwo Sheldon has never promoted his songs and movies, but he is keen on criticising one of his biggest movies negatively.

Speaking on the United Showbiz program, the famous Kumawood actor and entrepreneur Lil Win revealed that;

I am not angry with anyone who has criticised my movie except those two people.

Many people are excepting us to fail. We have lots of enemies. I can strongly say that if 1000 people sit down to watch the movie they won’t say it’s not nice.

The premiere should have been one day for Kumasi, Sunyani and other places, because I will collect my money and bulk without thinking about bad reviews.

But since the movie is quality and nice, we have different dates for premiere. Kwadwo Sheldon did a poster when the Nigerian stars arrived calling the cast Avengers. We had to beg them to come on board.

He has never criticised my songs on his show. Since I started shooting, he has never talked about my projects so why he is taking about this movie?. YouTube has made people rich so they talk without thinking about it. Mr Logic spoke a lot as if he is the only wise person in Ghana

Watch the video below;

Lil Win and Mr Logic clash on United Showbiz

Lil Win and United Showbiz pundit Mr Logic got into a heated argument on the show as they spoke about the future of the Ghanaian movie industry.

Watch the video below;

Some social media users have commented on Lil Win’s video trending on Instagram

TheTalk.NG has compiled some reactions below;

cobby_king stated:

When he said it dark, you have changed it. We we go watch so if they criticize , u check then work on it. If you find no problem, you ignore. Simple.

still_fresh838383 stated:

I don’t know why but o feel Miss Gee is defending mr.logic any time lilwin is talking

ryan_wood_tufle stated:

I will spend 3 hours in prison than to sit down and watch a ghana movie…is my choice

tracy_moore_gh stated:

Is not me bloggers in Ghana do this

Dorjee stated:

They got to stop certain people from coming to this show, because they have nothing better to educate us abt.

Martinyawwiafe stated:

Ghanaians always target is to pull someone down.. And we must stop that stupid behaviour. Logic is too know and a villager.. See how he has changed himself with ear rings.. And talking about people problems.

Ramsey Nouah makes promise to LiI Win

TheTalk.NG had reported that Ramsey Nouah had made a vow to ensure that his children attend LiI Win’s film school in Ghana.

The Nigerian actor has been a guest of LiI Win who invited him and some other Nigerian actors to shoot in Ghana.

After visiting the school, he promised that the children would come over to learn there.


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