“Life is honestly beautiful”: Excited kids showed their AFCON dance moves

  • A video that quickly went viral on TikTok featured young children who were visibly excited, dancing and having fun
  • In the video, the children danced to a popular Ivory Coast song that had gone viral during the AFCON earlier in the year
  • As the children danced near a car, a woman who was also filming them joined in, performing the dance moves associated with that song

A viral TikTok video showed excited young children dancing and having fun.

They were dancing to a popular Ivory Coast song that went viral during the AFCON earlier this year.

Kids dance and make AFCON movesHappy kids dance. Photo credit: @rayadofficialSource: TikTok

As they danced near a car, a woman filming them also joined in, doing the same dance moves, as shown by @rayadofficial.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Ligron Oousmane Soprano:

“It’s only the little girl who danced very well.”


“Dou he dances in kamis.”


“I didn’t know that celebrating aid is like that. ALLah forgive our sins.”


“The pride of being Comorian, the greater Comoros.”


“He is Ivorian or not and also EID MOUBARAK.”


“Life is honestly beautiful.”


“Until they are in my for you.”


“Mashallah they are magnificent aidekom mabrouk.”

Aissatou Bah télimélé:

“You too came to people’s houses, for trouble.”


“The biggest one is toast he said if I dance you give me.”

Excited children dance happily on street

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a TikTok video of a many children captured on the street dancing and having fun has caught attention.

The children who appeared excited and are not shy to be on camera portrayed different unique dance moves.

They also took the moment to show the different moves they have learnt, which they did effortlessly.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that dance lovers on TikTok are praising a little girl who performed a gentle dance in a viral video. In the video seen on the TikTok handle of @pbailliu, the little girl showed a lot of happiness while dancing.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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