Leaving Nigeria (Japa): A Nigerian Abroad Urges Government to Make Country More Appealing

In light of many Nigerians, especially young folks, leaving the country for better opportunities elsewhere, Dr. Christopher Brooks, who lives in the US, shared that he’s decided to come back to Nigeria for good with his family. He said it’s because he loves his country and wants to do good here.

During the launch of his book “Omowale The child has come” in Lagos, Dr. Brooks talked about his experiences living in different countries, especially the United States. He said he didn’t feel quite at home there, so he’s choosing to return to Nigeria. He wants to help make Nigeria’s economy better, but he hopes the government can make things better first, like making it safer and friendlier for businesses.

“I wrote this book because I care a lot. I hope everyone who reads it finds it interesting and inspiring. Many Nigerians living outside Nigeria want to come back home, but things are tough right now,” he explained.

Dr. Brooks talked about how so many Nigerians are leaving the country for better lives, mainly because the government isn’t doing enough to keep people safe and well taken care of.

“It’s tough to blame Nigerians for leaving when things are hard here. But I still have hope for Nigeria and Africa. I want to do my part to help our culture and traditions thrive, and I believe Nigeria can become great,” he said.

At the event, Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, who leads the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), praised Dr. Brooks for his decision and encouraged other Nigerians abroad to think about how they can help Nigeria get better.

“I’ll make sure lots of people know about this book and support the author. Let’s spread the word about this book, and I’m sure it’ll make a positive difference,” she promised.

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