Layi Wasabi’s Manager Olufemi Speaks on The Creator’s Profound Win: “AMVCA Didn’t Come as a Shock”

  • Issac Olayiwola, professionally known as Layi Wasabi, became the talk of the town on Saturday, May 11, 2024, after he clinched his first AMVCA award
  • The creative juggernaut won the award of Best Digital Content Creator ahead of Elozonam, Taaooma, Lizzy Jay, Jemimah Osunde and others
  • In an exclusive chat with Wasabi’s manager, Olufemi Oguntamu, he shared that the young creator has been “cooking” for a while, and the award did not come as a shock at all

Young Nigerian content creator Issac Olayiwola, widely known as Layi Wasabi, added a feather to his cap on Saturday, May 11, when he bagged the award of Best Digital Content Creator at the AMVCA.

The digital creator and actor is remarkable for his versatility. He took to his official Instagram page to thank God and his supporters for their love and support.

Layi racks debut AMVCA awardLayi Wasabi clinched the award for Best Digital Creator at the 2024 AMVCA
Credit: @layiwasabi, @theupanddownfellowSource: Instagram

See Layi’s appreciation post below:

His epic win caught the attention of Davido’s uncle, the Osun State governor, Ademola Adeleke, who communicated his pleasure and pride in Layi and described him as a good state ambassador.

Layi’s manager speaks on his AMVCA win

While chatting exclusively with Eniola of TheTalk.NG Olufemi Oguntamu, a top Nigerian consultant who doubles as Layi Wasabi’s manager, expressed solid belief in his talent’s abilities. He said his feat was not unexpected as Layi has been cooking for such a long time.

In his words:

“Being Layi’s manager, I knew that there was a lot more he had to offer; I started managing him in June 2023 and we have achieved a lot in such a short time. Much more than being a skit maker and winning this award, I’m grateful to God for the growth over the past few months. He has won a couple of the awards, but AMVCA is the biggest and most prestigious of all.”

Olufemi continued in his statement, adding that Layi is finally getting the recognition he deserves;

“I won’t say it’s coming too soon. I’d just say that the young man has been cooking for a while now, and finally, people are starting to give him the recognition he deserves. There is a lot more he’s still going to achieve. We are proud of him and grateful for the love people have shown him.

He continued;

Layi is a very talented young man and the sky is just the starting point. He keeps doing his thing regardless of any awards or recognition. The award is just the icing on the cake. There is nothing too soon about it. I knew he had more to offer, I’m not surprised, he said.”

I had told him it was 50:50 and not to put his mind – Olufemi

The talent manager to Issac Olayiwola highlights how they both handled nomination uncertainties.

“When we got the nomination, we were glad and hoped for the best. Even on the day of the event, I had told him it was 50:50 and not to put his mind too much, but we are happy he won. We hope he’ll be nominated for acting roles very soon, he said”

Wasabi’s manager explains how the creator handles pressure

Speaking on the neverending pressure of being in the creative space, Oguntamu gives an insight into how Layi Wasabi can keep delighting his fans.

“As for pressure, obviously, he has been known for good engagement, and people love his style of comedy. But I keep telling him to keep dropping content and not overthink the idea. However, he is very creative and takes his time to develop ideas and concepts. And when he does, he shares with the team and friends to see if it will get good acceptance from the fans, Olufemi remarked.”

Furthermore, Mr Femi noted that the pressure was unending as the attention was always on the young talent. His fans are always expectant of his next content, expecting it to outdo the previous.

He said:

“Yes, there’s pressure because there is a spotlight on him, and everyone is waiting to see what he has to offer next. Content creation is the most difficult unlike other fields. So because of the quality of content that he tries to churn out, he goes like 2 weeks sometime before dropping a content. He has D Law, GNCC, Officer Robert, and he has a new character he is trying to introduce”

Kiekie, Layi topped list of female and male creators

Dataleum is a world-renowned data analytics company driven to transform the world through talent acceleration, business innovation, and community building.

In a previous report by TheTalk.NG it was said that Dataleum released its latest rankings of Nigeria’s top content creation talents, this time skit makers in the entertainment industry for the first quarter of 2024.

This time, content creators like Kie Kie and Layi Wasabi came atop the female and male creator lists.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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