Late Ghanaian food seller buried inside coffin that looks like pot, video trends

  • A woman said to be a food seller when she was alive has been laid to rest in Ghana, but the coffin is trending on social media
  • A video shows that the woman was buried inside a coffin designed to look like a giant iron pot used for cooking
  • Apparently, the woman’s relatives wanted to depict the trade she plied when she was alive, a culture which is popular in Ghana

A woman who passed in Ghana has been laid to rest, but a video of her burial rites is trending on TikTok.

The woman, Maame Faustina Nante, was apparently a food seller when she was alive, going by the shape of her coffin.

Diseased Ghanaian woman buried inside pot-like coffin.The woman was apparently a food seller when she was alive. Photo credit: TikTok @deedewonline.Source: TikTok

Those who handled Faustina’s burial decided it would be good to lay her to rest in a giant pot-like coffin, which has gone viral on TikTok.

A lot of social media reactions have trailed the pot-like coffin as people questioned why the woman was buried in such a structure.

Some people asked to know if the woman was squatting, sitting or kneeling inside the pot, and it was explained that she was placed in a sitting position.

@Deedew Online, who posted the video, said:

“When I inquired, I was told she was placed in a sitting position.”

A 2018 report on CNN explained that such coffins like the one Faustina was buried in are called “fantasy coffins”.

The report says:

“They make caskets for families who believe that life transcends death and that the deceased will continue with his or her profession in the afterlife. The idea is that the dead have to be buried in something that represents the job they did while alive, so that they remember where they come from and what they have left behind.”

There’s also an entry about fantasy coffins on Wikipedia which threw more light on its usage in Ghana.

It says:

“Fantasy coffins are mainly used by the southern Ghana-based Ga people because of their religious beliefs regarding the afterlife. Fantasy coffins are only displayed on the day when they are buried with the deceased. They often symbolize the deceased person’s profession.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions as woman is buried in pot-like coffin

@Nana Afia Afrakomah Perpetual asked:

“So she’s sitting inside or what?”

@Tony Agyei101 said:

“My question is, is the deceased sitting or squatting inside the coffin.”

Man buried inside coffin for 24 hours

In a related story, a young Nigerian man attempted to break a new record as he challenged himself to a shocking stunt.

In a video that has gone viral, an entertainer, Young C explained why he attempted the daring challenge as he promised to broadcast live footage from the coffin during the night.

Reports have it that a similar challenge was undertaken by the American YouTube personality, MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson).

Source: Fox Nigeria

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