Lagos to London by Road: Lady Who Drove from UK to Nigeria Shares Her Fuel Expenses Daily

  • A Nigerian lady’s journey from London to Lagos by road became a topic of interest online after she revealed the daily costs involved
  • She encountered difficulties while trying to fuel her car with a card at a petrol station, a challenge she eventually overcame
  • Upon completing her long journey, she disclosed that she spent N65,000 each day on petrol, a figure that showed the financial aspect of her travel experience

A Nigerian lady, Pelumi Nubi, captured the interest of online audiences when she disclosed the precise daily costs incurred during her road journey from London to Lagos.

The video highlighted her challenges at a petrol station, where she struggled to use her card for fuel payment but ultimately resolved the issue.

The lady opened up on how much she spentThe lady shared her experience at a fueling station. Photo credit: @pelumi.nubiSource: TikTok

After an extensive drive from London, the lady arrived in Lagos and shared that her daily expenditure on petrol amounted to N65,000 as shared by @pelumi.nubi.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Sharon reacted:

“Please when u get to Lagos I will like to go back with you.”

Beth said:

“From London to Lagos? Is she joking?”

Denrele couture:

“Safe journey please stay safe.”


“I have been wondering how U charge though.”


“Please pelumi when you get to Lagos, I will come and meet yoU So that we can go back together I will fuel the car and bUy you gala and coke.”


“Omds the natwest one you could have done reward platinum account charges free and travel insurance.”

Kalu Holyeyes:

“The Lord is with you.”

Cailean McCann:

“Sometimes revolut block magstrip transactions – you need to turn them.”


“Can we get more videos I check YouTube n didn’t get much.”

Prophet Odumeje meets pilot on Air Peace

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that Prophet Odumeje Indabosky partook in a light-hearted interaction with the crew during his Air Peace flight to London.

The revered minister reflected on his enjoyable and gratifying journey, as depicted by @prophetodumeje.

He took the opportunity to thank the captain, whose skill was crucial for their safe travel from Lagos to London.

There is also a story of a recently surfaced video showcases the popular prophet Odumeje Indabosky aboard an Air Peace flight en route to London.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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