Lady working as house girl abroad sends money home for her kids, sister spends it

  • A worried mum identified as Priscillah Ogino Wesonga shared that her kids are in agony as they don’t get food to eat and don’t have school fees to attend school
  • Priscillah shared that she left her primary schoolgoing kids with her younger sister, identified as Celine, but the latter uses all the money sent to party hard and doesn’t provide for the angels
  • The worried mother told that she couldn’t do anything about the situation since she sent her entire salary back home, and now her kids will be hungry and remain out of school

Priscillah Ogino Wesonga is a woman in distress; the person she had entrusted to help care for her kids has let her down badly.

Priscillah Ogino Wesonga, who works in the Gulf.Gulf-based Priscillah Ogino Wesonga, whose sister is allegedly leaving her children hungry. Photos: Priscillah Ogino Wesonga.Source: UGC

Celine lives with the kids

Speaking to Kenyan widely read media,, Priscillah shared that she sends her sister every coin she gets per month because the younger woman takes care of her kids, who are nine and 12 years old.

“My sister lives in Mtwapa, Mombasa county, with my kids. Our dad passed away and left us with my mum,” she said.

“When I send her money, she just uses it to party and leaves my children in the house to starve. As we speak, my children are in the house because they do not have books and pens to use in school. She went away for three days and left them all alone; they are telling me that hunger will kill them in that house,” she added.

What is the meaning of KPSEA?

The most agonising part of the story is that end month is still far off, and the hardworking mum doesn’t have any money to feed her hungry children.

“My son is in Class Six and is due to sit for the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) exams, and he has not returned to school because of money,” said the worried mum.

“I have been crying and crying; I can’t belive my own blood can do this to me,” she added. reached out to Celine for her side of the story but her phone was off.

Another lady worked as nanny abroad

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a young lady embarked on an exciting adventure in 2019, landing a dream job as a nanny in the vibrant city of Dubai.

The lady identified as @aquosuahqueen did not know that the experience would shape her life in ways she could never have imagined.


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