Lady Who Found Younger Sister in Strange Position at Backyard Opens Up About What Transpired

  • A Nigerian lady has shared a video showing the position she found her younger sister in at their backyard
  • In the clip, she revealed that her sister was in the sad-looking position because their father had scolded her
  • Social media users reacted massively to the video with many recounting their funny childhood experiences

A Nigerian girl sat all alone at the backyard of her family’s compound after a bitter experience with her father.

It was gathered that the sober girl got scolded by her father and this made her withdraw into her shell at home.

Nigerian girl films sister in strange position in backyardGirl sleeps in backyard after getting scolded
Photo credit: @__toun/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Lady shocked to see younger sister’s state

Her elder sister identified on TikTok as @___toun shared the video online while narrating what transpired at home.

According to her, her younger sister resorted to sleeping at the backyard because she was scolded by her father for being disrespectful to her elder sister.

She added that the girl slept off for about 30 minutes after crying all alone at the backyard.

In the clip, her younger sister was seen on the ground close to their well looking helpless and sad.

She tied a wrapper and covered her legs with another wrapper. Her head was also twisted with her back to the wall.

Her sister captioned the video:

“POV: you found your kid sis like this at the backyard after scolding her. Unto say my papa follow her talk make she no dey follow her senior talk anyhow ooo. Nah hin she start this different pattern ooooo.”

Reactions trail video of girl at backyard

The comments section on TikTok was flooded with reactions from netizens who had different things to say.


“Give her pillow make she feel comfortable it’s her choice.”

Mr caponee reacted:

“At least bring pillow and mat for her na!”

Big Asmaco reacted:

“She was planning on how to pack out from the house and figuring her new life out.”

Jacques Ze whipper said:

“If I deh leave for unah house d story go change.”

Beautiful _keva said:

“U get luck say she no cry enter well the matter for no funny.”

@sweenylive said:

“Na last born? Cos na so we dey behave.”

Pretty Lovelyn reacted:

“Nah me be this when I still small my mama beat me like this I don pack my load sey I dey go my papa house lemi omo 5 years nah so l go write letter sey l don go or sleep outside.”

Sandra Sandra said:

“Na so them dey do o, my sister worse, you no fit correct her o, Tufiakwa.”

Watch the video below:

Last born in tears as sisters taunt her

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that reactions trailed the video of a young girl who was being taunted by her older siblings.

The girl who was said to be the last born of her family broke down in tears as her older siblings kept on stressing her in a video.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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