Lady uses N15.6m saved for wedding to buy house, resells it for N97.6m profit, becomes millionaire

  • A lady said that she refused to have an expensive wedding when she found out how much she and her husband had
  • They invested their $12,000 (N15,624,000) in getting a house and they made thousands of dollars from that single move
  • After buying and selling houses from the money they should have used for a wedding, they became milloniares

A pretty lady has talked about how she became a millionaire (in dollars) just because of a decision she took.

She (@the_chaunceyshow) said after her husband proposed, she was not keen on having a wedding, so she and her husband skipped.

Lady and husband invested/Houses via mortgage plans.One of the houses the couple bought was transformed into a cool home.
Photo source: @the_chaunceyshowSource: TikTok

Getting houses through mortgage

Before making that decision, they had $12,000 (N15,624,000) in their bank account. The lady they did not come from rich families, and they funded the wedding from their pockets.

Through a mortgage system, they were able to buy a $256,000 (N333,312,000) house which they later sold for $325,000 (N423,150,000).

The couple kept buying and reselling houses until their capital got to $75,000 (N97,650,000.00). They quit their jobs and became realtors. They increased their $75,000 to $250,000 (N325,500,000).

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Giovanni said:

“People have $40k wedding but don’t have a $40k net worth.”

Tdollas14 said:

“Major Key. Marry someone with a vision, intellect, and that is equally yolked.”

Dray said:

“Man he lucky cause y’all working hard together as a team.”

Nikita Brighteyes Newman said:

“I don’t regret paying for our wedding. We paid cash and no debt. I also already had a house. Everyone’s journey is different. Both my husband and I make six figures. No regrets.”

Ant_Milli said:

“Stopped buying clothes, eating out, didn’t buy myself anything, working overtime and I paid my house off in 3 years!”

Ikkieslife said:

“My wedding cost us 6/7K and we got around 15K from the guests.”

Female landlord living N250m house

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a popular Nigerian content creator, Wales Morgan, was surprised when he approached a lady in Lagos to ask how much she pays for rent in the state.

The lady told him she was a landlady with a N250m apartment in the state. She took Morgan to the house to give him a tour.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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