Lady rents dirty shop from landlord, spends millions to renovate it, shares transformation clip

  • A Nigerian lady has made a transformation video of a shop she rented in Ikorodu area of Lagos state
  • The lady said getting the rented space in Lagos was not easy as she searched for a place for three months
  • Many who said how elegant the place looked after renovation feared her landlord could give a quit notice

A Nigerian lady who spent three months look for a shop in Lagos has shared her experience with people online.

The makeup artist (@kikismakeover_) said that she had to settle for a rough-looking shop when she could not get a rented space for months.

Renting a shop in Lagos/Renovation ideas.The front of the rented shop looked dirty and rough before it was renovated.
Photo source: @kikismakeoverSource: TikTok

Renovation with flute wallpaper

To make the place befitting for her business, she spent money on renovating it. Her deep renovations stirred reactions online.

She turned the almost-falling celing into POP and repainted the space. She even got some blocks to make partitions.

The transformation video of the shop got many wondering if she had an agreement with her landlord before the renovation.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Kingola said:

“Congratulations quit notice from landlord will not be your portion because that thing enh, person fit faint.”

chukwuemekamoses6 said:

“Before you do this type of renovation, you need to sign some papers with the landlord to lease it for 10yrs or leave by your own time.”

Tolulope asked:

“Please who is your agent?”

She replied:

“Direct with landlord no agent.”

fezu_flawless_faces wondered:

“Very fine. Congratulations. Hope your landlord won’t increase rent after seeing this ooo.”

She responded:

“Agreement dey.”

Realjoy said:

“Me calculating the millions that went down here, congratulations Jehova is always good.”

Reshie_uma asked:

“Please did you use the wallpaper fluted panel or did you use the main fluted panel?”

She replied:

“Fluted one.”

opemipo said:

“I don’t know how you will renovate what is not yours.” said:

“Na so de give me quick notice after I renovate a house I find in abuja… no body will take for 70k ‘ now the landlord say na N350k.”

Another lady renovated rented shop

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a hardworking Nigerian lady, @melaniegoddess1, selling perfume and cosmetics, captured the moment she renovated the shop she rented for her business.

At the beginning of her video, a labourer could be seen in front of a broken wall with smithereens of blocks all around him.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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