Lady relocates to UK, starts selling Indomie, fresh tomatoes after months of no job

  • A Nigerian lady who could not get a job for many months in the UK opened an African store and became an entrepreneur
  • The lady said she had to change her student visa before she went into the business after a long period of unemployment
  • Many people in her comment section asked many questions and wanted to know how to own a business in the UK

A Nigerian lady who relocated to the UK on a student visa has gone online to narrate the challenges she faced.

The lady revealed she left a thriving business in Nigeria. She was frustrated for several months abroad because she could not get a job.

African store in UK/Store selling palim oil, noodles.The lady showed off her store with Nigerian-known provisions.
Photo source: @debs5040Source: TikTok

Lady who was on UK student visa succeeded

She relied (@debs5040) on the funds she brought from Nigeria. After changing her naira to British pounds for several months, she considered returning home, but her mother encouraged her.

Now, the lady has an African store that sells Nigerian stable provisions, such as Indomie and fresh tomatoes.

Watch her video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Dr Silva said:

“This is amazing. God bless your hustle.”

kemi olusanya asked:

“Weldone but please how can I open one where I am too.”

keeinah1 said:

“Love that…. Drop the city, ur doing well ️did u have to change ur visa to global talent or something.”

She replied:

“Thank you. It’s in Bradford. You can get the innovator or start up visa with it.”

IDEASwithMrWood said:

“And some will keep talking bad of the UK. Laziness and instant gratification is the problem of many. Congratulations Jare.”

zaybabe asked:

“Congratulations what are the criteria to open Africa store?”

She replied:

“Nothing much, register as a food business with your council and get the approval, that’s it.”

Francine asked:

“Congratulations but are you allowed to run a business as a student?”

She answered:

“Not as a student. I opened it after graduation.”

Nigerian lady left N200m business for UK

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian lady with a thriving business in Nigeria made an emotional video showing her relocating to the UK.

The lady (@sandiezcollectionuk) said the business was worth N200m when she left. Her workers were teary as she bade them farewell. She hugged them.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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