Lady Regrets Falling in Love After Boyfriend Broke her Heart, People Console Her

  • A TikTok video of a young lady’s reaction after her boyfriend jilted her has gone viral on social media
  • The young lady who looked visibly shocked, confessed that she never envisaged that she would be a victim
  • Many people who commented on the video consoled the lady, with some urging her to move on

A young Ghanaian lady has expressed deep sorrow after her boyfriend jilted her.

The video, which Fox Nigeria sighted on the TikTok page of @popesnipa, showed the young lady being consoled by a friend, apparently after she received the news of the breakup.

Photo of a young ladyGhanaian lady cries as lover jilts her
Photo credit: @popesnipa/TikTokSource: UGC

Lady cried after boyfriend left her

She initially smiled upon realizing that she was being recorded; however, her smile gave way to tears, a move that encouraged her friend to plead with her to stop crying.

The lady confessed that this was the first time she had experienced a setback in her love life, adding that she had imagined that she would fall victim to this.

The sad video had raked in over 20000 likes and 2000 comments at the time of writing the report.

Watch the video below:

People reacted to the video

Social media users who thronged the comments section of the video shared varied opinions with many conforting the lady.

Louis victon:

Apart from losing money or losing a relative I will never cry over such things like this

Vendamal added:

I feel like everyone should experience this it’s actually an eye opener fr

Cleaver reacted:

The mensu made her start to cry that word mensu erh idey turn things around

ann_lipsy reacted:

Am I the only one who hasn’t experienced broken heart before

Ayeyi stated:

the worst part is that she’s laughing very dangerous

Another man broke lady’s heart

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a man revealed that he had no plans of marrying a lady who he dated for six years.

In an anonymous message the man sent to @Postsubman using NGL, the man said he was just wasting the lady’s time. He revealed in the message that the lady is on Twitter and uses Instagram frequently.


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