Lady Gifts House to Parents, Makes It Unexpected by Asking Them to Dress Up to Represent Her

  • A Nigerian lady surprised her parents with a house gift and captured their heartfelt response to it in a touching video
  • On the fateful day, she had told them they were attending an event on her behalf, only to reveal later that they were about to witness their new home
  • Upon arrival and learning of the generous house gift, the father was overwhelmed, shedding tears of joy.

A Nigerian lady surprised her parents with a house gift and shared their reaction to becoming a house owner, which was well captured in a video.

On that day, the lady had initially told her parents they were going to represent her at an event unknown to them that they were going to see their house.

Nigerian parent gets house gift from daughterThe father shed tears of joy. Photo credit: @opekespiceceoSource: TikTok

Parents get house gift from daughter

When they got to the location and were told about the house gift, the father broke down into tears of joy.

Further scene showed people standing with the parents as they get ready to enter the house for the first time, as shown by @opekespiceceo.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

RbsHomes&Luxury said:

“Congratulations and thanks for trusting us with your project.. May Allah in his infinite mercy continue to provide for you and grant all your heart desires.”

Phiwashewa wrote:

“Congrats… will also do same for my parents.”


“As you make them happy,may all the children that comes out from you make you happy always.”


“God pls help me to surprise my parents like this congratulations ma.”


“Tears of joy God bless you for remembering your parents.”


“My own na soon …but lost my Mummy already.”


“God pls bless me if not for anything but for the shake of my mother, that woman deserve everything good in this world.”

Dad reacts as his son buys him motorcycle

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a proud youth took to social media to celebrate the development with a message to his father.

@enlessvictor shared a video capturing how he presented the motorcycle to his father. His dad was excited and hugged him.

The man also shook his son’s hand and examined the motorcycle.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a Nigerian in the diaspora, MC Akonuche, gifted his parents a nine-bedroom house in the village.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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