Lady Gets Materials and Builds Her Fence By Herself After Finding Out It Will Cost N10 Million

  • A lady, upon receiving a quote of N10 million from a fencing specialist, which exceeded her budget, decided to do it herself
  • Realising the cost was beyond her financial plan, she decided to take matters into her own hands
  • She purchased the necessary materials and, through self-reliance, successfully completed the fencing project on her own

A lady sought a fence for her property and consulted a specialist to ascertain the total expenditure required.

In a TikTok video, she learned the cost would be N10 million, surpassing her allocated budget.

Nurse built her own fenceAfter the expert stamped N10 million on the fencing, lady built it herself. Photo credit: @thatdiynurseSource: TikTok

DIY: Lady builds her fence

Consequently, she opted to purchase the materials independently and discovered she was capable of completing the task solo as shown by @thatdiynurse.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Jonathan Beebe said:

“And that’s why it probably won’t last.”

Jen Lou wrote:

“Cane you explain and show how you did the posts?”

CincinnatiJaebird commented:

“When I tell you These tradesmen just be coming up with dollar amounts out of the air!! I’m proud of you!! It’s beautiful and you did that!!!”

Gabriela & Dee also commented:

“Being broke homeowners has made Us into the best builders, homerepair, cleanup & maintenance man! That fence.”


“Let thought is to always see, I love that! I can get it done myself & thank vou!”

Jaleiah Smooth:

“Do it lady, I painted my entire 2700sft house in 2 days, let’s start up a buzz lol.”


“Beautiful job. I was quoted 6k to paint downstairs.. I’m half was finished for less than 500 thus far including all Supplies.”


“You did a great job!”


“I need step by step I can do this to my yard.”

Cindy Dalls:

“Please add a footboard and a top board. Top board is for the wind and the kickboard is to keep it.”


“I just showed this to my husband and told him to get his ish together cause you did that.”

Nigerian lady builds her own home

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a captivating video of a Nigerian lady constructing her own home and documenting the entire journey garnered significant online interest.

She showed the house’s foundation and the carrying out of essential groundwork.

As time progressed, the house reached completion, and she proudly displayed both the stunning exterior and interior.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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