Lady Displays Android Brand that Looks Perfectly Like iPhone With 3 Cameras, Video Trends

  • A Nigerian girl has shared a video of the trending phone that shares similar characteristics with iPhone
  • In the video, she displayed the physical features of the phone including the three cameras at the back
  • Social media users reacted massively to the video with many stating that they’ve seen the product before

A Nigerian lady has exposed the ‘fake’ lifestyle of a friend who bought an Android phone that looked like an iPhone.

The Android phone had similar physical features of an Apple phone including three cameras at the back which were positioned in a way that seemed perfectly like an iPhone.

Lady shares video of Android that looks like iPhoneLady displays Android brand that looks like iPhone
Photo credit: @miriam502/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Lady blasts girls over fake life

In the video shared by @miriam502 on the TikTok app, she condemned the actions of some girls who live a fake life.

She displayed the front and back features of the parody iPhone and also removed the case to reveal more of its features.

“See fake life girls this one na wetin 13 Pro abi wetin? You dey see Android? Girls and fake life. When them talk this thing, I no dey believe.”

Reactions trail video of triple camera Android

Nigerians stormed the comments section on TikTok to share their thoughts about the trending video.

@loveitalic said:

“That’s how the phone was made it’s KUHL brand they make parody of good phones both Samsung and iPhone version.”

@dollars said:

“It’s an android phone it’s just like a prototype of iPhone name’s kuhl there’s also i13pro they’re all prototypes of iPhone.”

@Lizbeth said:

“So I give you phone make you help me charge you video am dey put for TikTok ehhhn fine girl.”


“I know my future wife is here and she needs Data babe which network.”

@Fumivibes said:

“Bcos I con charge for una house ahbi. Who say make una touch my phone. Dem talk am say na woman de do woman.”

@Zinodollz added:

“Na all this they vex me. I carry phone come charge for your house see wattin you they do my phone.”

Watch the video below:

Man weeps after buying empty phone carton

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian man’s phone shopping experience turned into a nightmare when he discovered he had been scammed.

A TikTok video of his ordeal has gone viral, showing how he bought a sealed box that was supposed to contain a phone, but found nothing inside.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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