Lady Declines N5 Million Bride Price, Demands 40 Days Studying of Holy Book from Groom

  • A young lady turned down the traditional bride price, opting for a unique alternative that quickly captured widespread attention
  • In the clip, she refused a dowry of 5 million Naira, expressing her sole desire for her spouse to recite a passage from the sacred text for 40 consecutive days
  • The gentleman engaged in discussions over the dowry terms in the presence of others, culminating in their collective departure

In a remarkable turn of events that swiftly resonated across the digital landscape, a young woman boldly rejected the customary bride price, opting instead for a deeply personal and spiritual request.

Captured in a compelling video, the woman stood firm against the offer of a substantial dowry amounting to 5 million naira.

The photo of the family during negotiationThe lady declined 5 million naira dowry. Photo credit: imamasad5550Source: TikTok

As shared by @imamasad5550, her counterproposal was simple yet profound: she asked her future husband to dedicate himself to the spiritual act of reciting a specific verse from their holy book for a period of 40 days, a testament to her values and the importance she places on faith and devotion over material wealth.

The scene unfolded with the prospective groom engaged in earnest negotiations over the terms of the dowry, a conversation typically steeped in tradition and expectation.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Erzadark said:

“It takes 2 hours to read surah baqarah.”

Zaki Ahmad wrote:

“What an excellent Mehr request. May Allah bless their marriage.”

Kulow commented:

“That’s a nice thing but your Mehr money is supposed t benefit u incase of divorce or he passes. U get less inheritance but u get dowry. men pay dowry.”


“She is testing his patience and love for allah and love for her what a smart women and smart mehr.”

Ina ljaabo Cibaad:

“Quran is not mehr. These people should learn about the command of mehr. Mehr is for security for the woman in case of divorce.”

Mohsin Ahmed:

“This is a beautiful Mehr request. May Allah bless them.”

Baby vixen:

“Isn’t Mehr to ensure the wife will be okay financially in the case of something happening?”


“It’s not Mehr.. dumb people making a mockery out of deen.”


“I would be honoured if I got a request like that.”


“People misunderstand the Quran as being a mahar.”

April umer:

“So dowry is islamic?”


“Red flag for sure o.”

Lady rejects marriage

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian lady has disclosed her preference between being a baby mama and a committed wife.

In the comment section of a TikTok video she shared to show off her pregnancy for her man, the lady said she liked being a baby mama.

The pregnant woman with the TikTok name Drama Queen said she was carrying her second child for her man without being married to him.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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