Lady Cries Out, Shares Video of Bus Conductor Who Suddenly Started Acting Up During Trip

  • A Nigerian lady has sparked hilarious reactions on social media after sharing a video of a conductor
  • In the video, the conductor was seen making funny faces that scared the occupants of the bus
  • Social media users who came across the clip on the TikTok app took turns to pen funny comments about the video

A young Nigerian lady has shared her recent experience with the conductor of a public bus.

The video showed the moment the conductor began to showcase a scary but funny act as the bus moved.

Lady shares video of bus conductor who was acting upLady scared over bus conductor’s behaviour
Photo credit: @foodietola/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Conductor makes funny faces to entertain passengers

In the clip shared by a passenger @foodietola on TikTok, the conductor acted like someone who was high on something.

He kept on making funny faces and gestures that made the bus occupants scared and entertained at the same time.

Tola, who shared the video on TikTok, said she was so scared that she almost pooed on herself out of fear.

According to her, they had already entered the bus and even paid the conductor when he began to exhibit the unexpected act.

“I nearly shitt for body today. Thank God for the safe trip. We don enter finish before we see am. We already paid,” she said.

Reactions trail video of conductor

Nigerians who watched the video had different things to say about the conductor’s action.

@Daddyoo billion said:

“Nigeria everything na cruise until he brings out cutlass dey cut cut everybody una eyes go clear.”

@Damian_Ancestor wrote:

“They messed with his mind in the astral plane, his consciousness has been tampered with.”

@bowtt said:

“Una enter Jackie Chan bus.”

@user2796169612955 eeacted:

“Na today. Una enter vehicle.”

@FINE WINE said:

“You get mind still sit down for the bus dey video am oh something wey I go don japa since.”

@Micheal Feranmi said:

“Wait if conductor Dey behave like this now let talk about the driver and you wey sit down there comfortably.”

@weyms7355 reacted:

“Naso I enter one one day d man just dey near me I nor reach my destination I come down himself follow me come down.”

@dee sarkee said:

“My own na to burst into tears till he hold my neck.”

@Ajokeade reacted:

“See the kind space wey them leave for ham. If nah normal person now dem no go shift.”

@Angelihuy added:

“New update unlocked cause some passengers no they gree shift for motor.”

@Big___Tinu reacted:

“Na my roommate this thing happened to they even sat beside each other she nearly faint.”

Watch the video below:

Conductor fights passenger on expressway

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a short video captured a commotion that ensued between a passenger and a danfo (bus) conductor in Lagos state.

As the man tried to get down, the conductor blocked him off by holding the door still. Other passengers pleaded with him to allow him to exit.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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