Lady causes buzz online after dropping strong spiritual info about Tapswap

  • As coin miners await the date for the launching of Tapswap, a Nigerian lady said the viral platform is a mere distraction
  • The lady, who is a Christian, spoke strongly against Tapswap, noting that it takes away valuable time to be spent with God
  • She insisted that the devil knew the level of poverty in Nigeria and decided to bring Tapswap to steal away the time of young people

As the Tapswap launching date is being awaited, a Nigerian lady said the coin mining app is stealing people’s time.

The lady made a post on Facebook, insisting that those mining coins on Tapswap were wasting time.

Lady says Tapswap is a mere distraction.The lady insists that Tapswap was distracting young Christians. Photo credit: Getty Images/Prostock-Studio, Bloomberg and X/Tapswap. Lady’s photo used for illustration only.Source: UGC

She said the time being wasted could have been invested in communion with God.

According to Adeola Dozaa Ayenigba, those mining Tapswap no longer have time for God because they think about it at night and in the morning.

Struggling to meet Tapswap launching date

Adeola said people are struggling to meet up with the Tapswap launching date, thereby spending a lot of time tapping.

She said:

“TAPSWAP is just a game, yet it has taken your place of intimacy just to meet up before the launching day.

“TAPSWAP is just a game; yet, it has stolen your morning communication with God, the last thing you now do before the night rest is TAP TAP, and the first thing you do in the day is TAP TAP. It just somehow that we quickly fell ignorance of devil’s wiles and tricks of pulling believers away from God’s presence.”

When contacted to comment on some claims that Tapswap was from the devil, a cryptocurrency expert, Fidelis Ozuawala, dismissed the claims.

He said:

“No, it’s not.”

Facebook reactions as lady condemns Tapswap

Donatus Emmanuel said:

“This post is somehow. Not sure if you’re doing it for the engagements because the TAP soldiers would surely come for you.”

Samuel Ogwuche said:

“What are you saying? If that’s the case then just tell people not to work na. Because allot of people are letting their work to distract them from God.”

Man buys AC with money earned from Notcoin

Meanwhile, a Nigerian youth happily showcased the air conditioner he purchased thanks to earnings from Notcoin.

He posed with the AC and urged crypto enthusiasts to keep tapping to take advantage of Tapswap mining.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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