Lady abroad builds wall for her house herself, oyinbos react to her viral video

  • A video of a black woman constructing a wall for her home without being aided by an adult has gone viral online
  • The woman showed the moment she mixed the cement and neatly did the rendering of the blocks
  • While some white folks tackled her effort, many other netizens hailed the woman and offered her advice

Mixed reactions have trailed a video of a woman building a wall for herself.

The woman, who is abroad, released the video on TikTok as she hailed herself.

Woman abroad builds her wall with her hands, video goes viralShe built the wall with her hands.
Photo Credit: @kadine_carringtonSource: TikTok

“Guys the wait is over, it’s finally finished, now it’s rendering time we can do this,” her clip was captioned.

In the clip, @kadine_carrington was assisted by a little girl. The woman did most of the work as she mixed cement and plastered the blocks neatly.

According to her, it was her first time doing such a thing. Many people were impressed with her construction skills.

Another lady who saved money while working in school showed the small house she built.

Watch the video below:

Reactions trail the woman’s self-constructed wall

Adam Mayo said:

“Ignore the hate, if you do render it there is a net they use to stop the render cracking. Please post the results keep it up .”

Ian F said:

“Add some additional pillars, pretty easy to add and tie them into the wall, it’ll strengthen the wall. great job.”

Ash ❤️ said:

“Better than waiting on any bloke. They will taken 2-5 working years. You go girl xxxxxx.”

Mark said:

“I’ve seen a few videos now, and my wife and I think you’re amazing, honestly. And we love it when you’re in your dressing gown ❤️❤️keep being you!! ❤️”

Liam Brown said:

“Just gunna say this it might not be perfect but my got the guts it takes to try it yourself is amazing well done for giving it a go I do this for a living and it’s not easy work.”

Wayne said:

“As a plasterer I would render your wall for free if you want me to as your videos are amazing.”

Veriwell said:

“After this wall you will build houses, you build cities and you will build nations.”

Lady builds small house

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a lady had built a small house.

The lady’s house is as small as one built as a security outpost attached to a big building. The flooring of the building is tiled.

At the corner of the one-room building is a well-laid bed. It has a very small window in front. The only entry to the house has a wooden door. In another clip, she was seen painting the interior of a building. She said the painting was for a business purpose and not the same house.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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