“Kill Silence Culture”: Charles Inojie Shares Personal Domestic Violence Encounter, Starts Challenge

  • Nollywood actor Charles Inojie continued to push against domestic violence alongside his colleague Ali Nuhu
  • The two Nollywood stars have started a challenge with #MakeWeHalla, asking fans and colleagues to make a video speaking against domestic violence
  • The campaign urged victims to speak up and observers to kick out perpetrators

Nollywood comic actor Charles Inojie has revealed what inspired him and actor Ali Nuhu to create the #MakeWeHalla campaign against domestic violence.

In a recent interview, Inojie said that he wanted to use his platform to change the culture of silence around domestic violence, and he realized that the way to do it was to make noise.

When asked about his motivations for “Make We Halla”, Inojie revealed how an incident he witnessed as a young man changed his mindset about the need always to speak up when domestic violence is witnessed.

Charles Inojie speaks on Make We Halla challengeNollywood actor Charles Inojie starts the Make We Halla against domestic violence challenge. Photo: Charles InojieSource: Instagram

“By myself, as a little boy, I have seen one who, till today, lost one eye to domestic violence. At that time, many of us could have done something in that same compound, but we felt like we were not concerned about it because they were a couple, and they would sort themselves out.

Inojie claimed that people like him and his neighbours in the compound are silent bystanders and passive. People say, “Wetin concern me?” or ignore it and move on. In no time, major damage would have been caused, and this has led to several innocent children losing their mothers and some becoming orphans.

“When we all keep quiet, the abuser, perpetrator of this act of abuse seems confident to do more. But when we speak up against the abuse without being violent, it sends a signal to the perpetrator that he should desist.”

Inojie explains further that the guilt of silence in the face of such an act prompted him and his colleague, Ali Nuhu, to join their voices to raise dust on the silence culture on domestic violence.

“We thought about it and arrived at the fact that we all are guilty if we continue to keep quiet and watch domestic abuse happen around us. “Make We Halla” is actually a call to action to everybody around to speak up.”

Nuhu and Inojie started the #MakeWeHalla challenge to buttress their seriousness. And the challenge has seen celebrities like Wumi Toriola, Joseph Momodu, Tosin Olaniyan, Kiki Bakare, and others join the #MakeWeHalla train with their fans.

Explaining the challenge, Inojie noted that there is a reward for joining, as the person with the best Halla video will get an iPhone 12. A winner will be announced in the middle of May.

“The #MakeWeHalla challenge is for everyone and it is very easy. Just go to TikTok or Instagram, almost everybody is now on both social media. The game has no rules; take your phone and Halla your way. Anyhow you deem fit to add your voice in creating awareness against domestic violence, Halla, talk am. You can also go to the uploaded videos -mine or Ali’ Nuhu’s, you can duet. Just post with the hashtag #MakeWeHalla. And the beautiful thing is that joining the challenge to create more awareness even gets you a reward.

Davido’s fans dig up Jada P’s post accusing Wizkid of violence

TheTalk.NG had earlier reported that Davido, in a deleted tweet, accused Wizkid of being a woman beater. Not stopping there, he also sympathised with victims of domestic violence during his recent fight with the Ojuelegba singer.

Davido’s fans unearthed Wizkid’s partner, Jada P’s post of 2019, accusing her man of domestic violence.

Jada had penned down a lengthy note where she claimed that she had been in an abusive relationship with Wizkid for years and kept on covering for him even from her close friends and family.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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