Kendrick Lamar Drops 3rd Drake Diss ‘Meet the Grahams’, Alleges Rapper Has 2nd Secret Child

  • Kendrick Lamar, aka K. Dot, has been in a rap battle against Drake, and the two have released six songs directed at each other so far
  • Humble Kendrick Lamar rapper released two back-to-back songs, Euphoria and LA 6:16, dedicated to Drake after the Canadian rapper’s Push Ups and Taylor Made
  • Fans shared their reactions to LA 6: 16 and Meet the Grahams, where Kendrick made various allegations against Drake

Kendrick Lamar had a lot to say about Drake. The rapper started the beef after Drake and J Cole claimed to be kings of rap in First Person Shooter.

Drake and Kendrick Lamar diss tracks heat upKendrick Lamar released ‘Meet the Grahams’ in response to Drake’s Ddss ‘Family Matters’, and they made various allegations against each other. Image: Prince Williams / Leon NealSource: UGC

Social media users shared their opinions about Kendrick Lamar. Netizens were in awe of Kendrick and Drake’s heated exchange.

Kendrick Lamar slams Drake in new diss track

Drake responded to LA 6:16 with Family Matters, and Kendrick released Meet The Grahams. In Family Matters, Drake said Kendrick is a fake activist who married a non-black woman. He also accused Kendrick of domestic violence.

Kendrick hit back, exposing Drake’s alleged daughter, who he hides. He then speculated that Drake is ashamed of his baby mothers.

Drake and Kendrick Lamar fans dissect lyrics

The rappers going head-to-head left enthralled hip-hop fans. Many were raving about Kendrick, declaring him the winner of the rap beef.

its_tiidoo said:

“Drake and his ghostwriters running back to the studio after Kendrick dropped Meet the Grahams.”

@SupremeLaurell wrote:

“Kendrick had to know about “Family matters” to name his response “Meet the Grahams” and respond THAT FAST. CALLED OUT HIS WHOLE FAMILY VIOLATED.”

@SaintNeauxbody added:

“Y’all!! My mouth has been DROPPED from the first line of Meet the Grahams. Kdot unleashed another NUKE!”

@DragonflyJonez applauded:

“Nahhhhhhh Meet The Grahams is a BODY. This is over.”

@dbn_khosta was amazed:

“Kendrick says Drake is hiding another child on Meet The Grahams and man first time a diss song has ever given me chills holyyy. Nah man why Kendrick do this.”

Drake’s post-show video gets social media talking

Briefly News previously reported that Drake has been touring for some time now since the release of his recent project and gave fans a glimpse of how hard it gets on stage. The famed sports better shared a video wringing sweat from his shirt and received mixed reactions.

Ever wondered how Drake unwinds after an intense performance? Well, the One Dance hitmaker gave netizens a close look into his post-show routine, sweat and all.

Taking to his Instagram page, the rapper shared a video from his last show, also graced by fellow rapper J. Cole.


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