JUST IN: Tragedy as Witness Slums, Dies Inside Ondo Court

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Ondo state – A septuagenarian who wants to testify as a witness has slumped and died inside an Ondo state High Court session in Oka, Ondo.

It was gathered that the tragic incident occurred before the court proceedings had begun.

Witness slums and dies Inside Court in OndoThe tragic incident occurred before the court proceedings had begun
Photo credit: Court of AppealSource: UGC

As reported by The Nation, witnesses said the deceased was a witness in a case involving his friend.

A court staff said that the unidentified elderly man collapsed suddenly without any apparent interaction or collision with anyone or anything.

“The man was in court with his friend and suddenly, he stood up where he was seated and fell down, hitting his head on the tiles and he passed on.

“He didn’t look like someone who was sick and he did not collide with anything or anybody that we may say is the cause of his death.”

Source: TheTalk.NG

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