Judge Sentences Jealous Nigerian Man to Life Imprisonment for Killing Wife in UK

  • A UK court has ruled that a Nigerian, Olubunmi Abodunde, spends the rest of his life in prison after being found guilty of killing his wife
  • The judge noted that the now-convict will at least spend 17 years in prison before he can have a chance to parole
  • The court made the rulings after the results of the postmortem test conducted on the deceased had been released

The Ipswich Crown Court in the United Kingdom has sentenced a Nigerian man, Olubunmi Abodunde, 48, to life imprisonment for deliberately killing his wife, Taiwo Abodunde.

The court found out from the post-mortem test carried out on the remains of the deceased that the defendant smashed a skateboard on his late wife’s head, causing her to have brain injuries.

Mr and Mrs AbodundeThe defendant, Olubunmi Abodunde, blames his medication for the incidenceSource: Instagram

The test also revealed that the helpless woman was also strangled during what later turned out to be a fatal encounter in November 2023.

Before the incident, the court had banned Mr Abodunde from visiting the residence of his wife, following many reports of domestic violence against her, the Vanguard reports.

But he returned to the building, saying he went there to obtain his mobile phone. According to foCCTV camera footage, he was in for about thirty minutes, suggesting that he was waiting for her return inside.

Reports revealed that there have been arguments on who pays for what and accusations of infidelity, which led to a violent confrontation that later had him arrested.

He was released on a bail condition that he would not step into where the wife resides.

Nigerian man brutally kills wife

Coincidentally, on the day of the tragic occurrence, two policemen went to Mrs Abodunde’s residence. They were there to discuss the violence that had happened the previous day.

The prosecutor, Stephen Spence KC, told the court that only the defendant could know what had happened.

“The officers repeatedly knocked on the door and notified them of their presence but got no response or heard any calls for help,” Mr Spence told the court.

They could not force their way in unless they had authorisation from their seniors, which they sought after hearing weird sounds from the residence.

When they eventually found their way in, it proved to be too late as they met the lifeless body of Mrs Abodunde on the floor.

Nigerian man defends self

In his defence, the defendant argued that he was under the influence of his medications at the time.

His lawyers provided proof of the presence of Ibuprofen, vitamins and steroids in his blood at the hours of the gory face-off.

Spence, however, rebutted:

“Whilst it does appear that medication was taken, there would be no medical evidence to support that he was medicated with anything that would excuse or cause him to act in the way that he did.”

Imo man stabs wife to death for cheating

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG had earlier reported a similar case where a man in Imo state lost it and stabbed his wife after catching her in bed with another person.

Police had weighed in on the matter and had begun an investigation into how the event occurred.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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