Jonathan Urges Tinubu to Construct a Democracy Minimizing Friction

Building a Stronger Democracy: Insights from Goodluck Jonathan

Former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan recently shared valuable insights on the importance of strengthening democracy to reduce post-election frictions. Addressing President Bola Tinubu’s administration, Jonathan emphasized the need for a democratic system that fosters unity and minimizes the barrage of litigation often seen after elections, which he deemed embarrassing for the nation.

In his address at the Democracy Day Public Lecture, Jonathan highlighted the significance of building a democracy not solely based on ethnicity or religion, as such foundations are not sustainable in the long run. Reflecting on Nigeria’s economic growth over the past 25 years, Jonathan acknowledged the challenges in consolidating democracy but stressed the necessity of adapting a more modest approach by political actors to yield meaningful dividends for the populace.

Central to Jonathan’s message was the call for strengthening state institutions, which are fundamental pillars of a robust democracy. He criticized the prevailing “winner takes all” politics, advocating instead for a more inclusive governance model that ensures equitable distribution of resources and opportunities for all citizens.

Furthermore, Jonathan urged the National Assembly to proactively explore governance models that align with Nigeria’s unique needs, emphasizing the importance of citizen-centric policies to drive socio-economic development and foster national cohesion.

In essence, Jonathan’s message underscores the imperative of building a democracy founded on principles of inclusivity, equity, and strong institutional frameworks. His call to action resonates as a roadmap for Nigerian leaders to navigate the complexities of governance and steer the nation towards a future characterized by unity, progress, and prosperity for all its citizens.

Source; Fox Nigeria

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