Japa: Man Who Has Two Cars While in Nigeria Rides Bicycle to Work After Relocating Abroad

  • A Nigerian man in the UK shared a video showing people how he rides a bicycle to work instead of buying a car
  • The video was shared on TikTok by Godwin Newdance, who said they were in the UK to make money, not to ride cars
  • He said there were so many expenses to be incurred if one decides to buy a car, insisting he would make do with a bicycle

Two Nigerian men who live in the UK ride to work using a bicycle instead of buying cars.

In a trending TikTok video, one of them, Godwin Newdance, was first seen riding on the road and explaining why he chose to use a bike.

Two Nigerian men in the UK riding to work with bicycles.The Nigerian men said they would incur many expenses if they owned cars in the UK. Photo credit: TikTok/@godwinnewdance.Source: TikTok

He told his followers that he owned two cars in Nigeria, but living abroad meant that he had to adapt to life over there.

Godwin noted that there were too many expenses to incur if one bought a car in the UK.

He said car expenses in the UK include the Ministry of Transport test (MOT), insurance, and parking space.

Godwin saw a friend who was also riding to work using his own bicycle. They agreed that there was no need for a car in the UK since they were there to make money and return to Nigeria.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as two Nigerian men ride bikes to work

@Nkechi madu said:

“Real Igbo man. Carry on my brother.”

@yg billion commented:

“Life in abroad too sweet because it is a simple life.”

@joydiamond117 said:

“Make we come abi make we no come?”

@Laviv_designs said:

“If you don’t pay what happens?”

@starcharway said:

“You are very wise family man. God bless you with more grace and strength.”

@Gigilove said:

“Well done my brother. I trust my Anambra brothers. They are very good in hustling.”

Lady secures UK visa

Meanwhile, a lady threw a party on TikTok after she successfully secured a visa that would see her move to the United Kingdom.

Apart from the visa, the lady, Beautiful Preacher, also got a five-year work permit, and she displayed the documents on TikTok.

She was happy that she would finally move as some people congratulated her and said they also wanted to move to the UK.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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