Japa: How Reduction in UK Job Vacancies Might Impact Nigerians in 2 Ways

The number of job openings in the United Kingdom, especially in England, has dropped to its lowest point in more than three years.

A recent report from Bloomberg highlights this decrease in job vacancies, raising concerns about the UK’s economic recovery following last year’s recession.

Reed Recruitment’s data, analyzed by Bloomberg, reveals a nearly 25% decline in job listings in the three months leading up to February compared to the previous year. This decline, coupled with a 20% increase in job applications for February, suggests a significant cooling of what was once a vibrant job market.

The challenging job market poses difficulties for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government, especially as they approach reelection.

James Reed, chairman of Reed Recruitment, remarked, “Our latest data suggests a prolonged chill in the labour market, with 21 consecutive months of falling job postings and no strong indication of a bounce back happening this year.”

The impact of this decrease in job opportunities extends to immigrants, including Nigerians seeking employment in the UK. The reduction in job vacancies could lead to stricter approval processes for work visas, affecting individuals looking to relocate for better opportunities.

For example, a mid-2023 report from the UK government revealed that Nigerians were among the top non-EU nationalities immigrating to the UK. However, based on the recent job vacancies report by Bloomberg, the number of Nigerians obtaining work visas in 2024 might significantly decrease.

Reed’s data shows a 45% decrease in job listings through February compared to the peak in 2020, affecting almost all sectors and particularly impacting towns and cities in the usually prosperous south of England.

Furthermore, the decrease in job opportunities could lead to an increase in deportations, particularly for nationals who are unable to secure employment. The UK government had announced plans to deport illegal migrants, signaling a stricter approach amid efforts to boost the country’s prosperity.

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