“JAMB”: School’s best arts student gets confusing UTME score, people react

  • A Nigerian man has claimed that the 2016 UTME was so horrible that even the most intelligent students failed woefully
  • According to him, despite being the head boy of his school and holding the title of the best art student, he scored 163
  • Some netizens who also wrote UTME in 2016 took to the comments section to share their terrible experiences that year

A Nigerian man has recounted how he wrote the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) in 2016 and got an aggregate score of 163.

The young man identified on X as @phillyf_ claimed that even the most intelligent students didn’t do well in 2016 UTME.

Nigerian boy says UTME board 'gave him' wrong scoreHead boy denies UTME score
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Head boy in school shares exam failure

Phillyf_ alleged that the UTME written that year was very horrible in general and the aggregate he scored was not his rightful mark.

He disclosed that he was the head boy of his school and the best art student from SS1-3, which meant that he was too intelligent for the low aggregate he got.

He wrote:

“2016 JAMB was so horrible. They gave me 163. A whole Head Boy & Best Student in Art class SS1-3.”

Reactions as man shares 2016 UTME score

The comments section was flooded with the reactions of netizens who also wrote UTME in 2016.

@iFahvoh said:

“I was part of the people they added 40 marks for and I believe we deserved more. Art students wrote after us and they came back gushing about how easy theirs was, but when the scores came out that year was something else.”

@jashintara reacted:

“They won’t understand mehn. People that had never come close to me academically were scoring 250. Me that my class was expecting to break the 300 mark. Na 190 l see. Because of pride, I refused to read for the next Jamb I wrote (not even the novel). Scored 260.”

@softgirl reacted:

“That Jamb. I can never forget it. I sha Thank God they gave me 200. It was that year they also scrapped postume exam. Thankfully my waec was okay and I passed the screeening.”

@Devincii_ said:

“Na the jamb I read for pass I was sure of 300 plus. I finished with over an hour left. It was my lowest jamb and na him I use enter school funny enough I knew that was not my real score me. Wey my first jamb I catch cruise no read I get 237 the one l read like mumu give me 216.”

@JoshuaVickky reacted:

“Omo they gave me 180 thinking they will add 40 to it cause my computer also stop working but lo and behold them no add anything I cried for days my mom, dad and all the people close to me beg me tire.”

@OTFLaozee said:

“If you write 2016 jamb on the first day, body go tell you 000 zero network, zero coordination, everything was bad, glad they added 40 marks for us.”

See the post below:

Nigerian boy gets 121 in UTME

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a man called out a young boy in his street who was always playing football instead of reading for JAMB exams.

The boy checked his result and he got an aggregate of 121 with only 9 marks in english language.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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