JAMB: Nigerian Lady Who Got 240 in Last Year’s Exam Seeks Help after Seeing Her 2024 UTME Result

  • A 22-year-old Nigerian lady is seeking advice on the next action to take following her performance in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)
  • The young lady retook the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam after scoring 240 in 2023
  • The disappointed lady said her recent UTME score made her really sad, adding that she hasn’t been herself

A Nigerian lady has cried out for help as her 2024 UTME score is lower than what she got in 2023.

The lady’s story was contained in an anonymous message she sent to Facebook user Kelvin Onovo.

Nigerian lady in tears after checking her UTME, says she scored 240 last yearShe scored 240 in the 2023 UTME.
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According to the lady, she has not been herself since she saw her UTME result.

Why she retook the JAMB exam

She said she scored 240 in 2023 and had to retake the exam because she couldn’t get her desired course.

Unfortunately for her, she scored 224 in 2024. The heartbroken lady said she is 22 and needs advice on what to do.

Kelvin appealed to netizens to come to her aid. Her anonymous message read:

“Good morning sir. Please I have not been myself since I saw my JAMB result. I scored 240 last year and had to rewrite this yr cos it couldn’t get me my desired course. Only to get 224, I’m really sad.

“All I need is a piece of advice on what I’m to do now. I’m already 22.”

In a related twist, a boy who was expecting 190 rejoiced after seeing his UTME result.

People advised the unhappy UTME candidate

Emeka Shalom Chukwuemeka said:

“Sorry about that but I think you were a bit overconfident, the best way to floor UTME (especially when you’re aiming for a higher score) is to keep improving to better your previous scores.

“I wrote the exams several times until I got the best I needed to get into the university. I wish you the very best in your next attempt.”

Blessing Ihechi said:

“Most of us ended up not studying the course we desired…that is reality for you….it’s time you realize things will not always work the way you planned them, however pray for what God has designed for you.”

Godwin Abel said:

“To solve all these issues of scores let jamb be giving out the marked script.

“Because most people marked down actually did well.

“I don’t trust Nigeria educational system especially on exams.

“Lots of people are benefiting from it and will do anything to make people keep writing these exams.”

Edeh Isaac said:

“There is proof of intelligence already. All you need to do is question your flaws, mistakes, etc, and find a way to distract yourself from Social media by Setting a new goal for a better higher score next year. Also, keep your mind busy by learning a Tech skill that could help sharpen your mind to task delivery. Do this and thank me next year with your Congratulatory admission letter. Cheers to a better you!”

Vickson insight said:

“If I have a child, you will have two soft or digital skills and two Hard Skills before going to university. Education will equip with Knowledge but ability to turn Knowledge into product requires skills. Discover yourself through Skills then go to school to learn more about what you discovered.”

Boy heartbroken after seeing his UTME score

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a boy who retook UTME was heartbroken over his 2024 score.

Olumide shared a screenshot of his UTME score, which he checked via SMS code. Lamenting on Facebook, Olumide revealed he scored 225 when he sat for the JAMB exam in 2023.

A heartbroken Olumide questioned God over his score, saying he didn’t expect it at all. He said he had started JAMB exam lessons in October 2023, read, prayed, and fasted. Mixed reactions trailed his lamentation.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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