JAMB: Girl reportedly gets UTME result despite not writing exam, details emerge

  • A man has narrated how a girl who didn’t take the 2024 JAMB received a UTME score from the exam body
  • The man shared the incident as he raised concern that some candidates failed the 2024 UTME as a result of technical issues
  • He said all the systems at the girl’s centre went off and they were told to return the next day, but nothing was done about it

A Nigerian man, Gozie, has blamed some JAMB candidates’ failure on technical issues in CBT centres.

Gozie stated this as he narrated how a girl who could not take her exam on her scheduled date got a UTME score.

Girl gets UTME result despite failing to write the JAMB examThe girl reportedly got a score of 191 despite not taking the exam.
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Miracle or JAMB glitch?

In a Facebook post, Gozie said the girl was supposed to take the exam at 7 am but that all the systems at her centre were faulty.

The girl and the other candidates were told to return the next day for their exam. Gozie explained that when they came the next day, they were told nothing could be done about it.

Surprisingly, the girl also received a UTME score like others who wrote the exam. She got 191.

Gozie said such a thing happened back in 2016. His Facebook post in part:

“…I’m still dumbfounded on how a person that literally wrote nothing got 191 or there about in jamb.

“According to her, her set, which was 7am had a problem with their system.

“Their system went off,not just one but all the system,it wasn’t resolved until time for the next set to write, guess what? They where all asked to go home and come the next day.

“They came the next day,and they where told that there’s nothing that they can do for them.

“Now, jamb result is out,and she got 191, could this be a miracle or jamb glitch.”

Fox Nigeria reported four reasons JAMB may reschedule a candidate’s exam.

People lament glitch problems during UTME

Gød’s Wîll said:

“Me I never still see my results and this same thing you are talking about happened the previous day before I wrote mine at my jamb center.”

Caddy Spunky said:

“My system went off while I wasn’t even done.

“After all I still managed to get 240.

“I think it’s a general problem.

“Buh they are just busy blaming the candidates.”

Sheis Assumpta ʚĭɞ said:

“Asides considering jamb glitch as the problem, alot of students didn’t read and prepare this year.

“GRWM as I go out” this is someone who has an incoming exam oo.

“Wo, everybody been de try become purple speedy… mtchew.”

Tamara Doye said:

“You know say Nigeria get many problems.

“Like we that are art students no believe say na we get these results but see science students results.

“And the glitch too, I knew those people that had glitch would automatically fail.”

Slim Tie said:

“Omor Dem pass well dis year sef .

“Imagine 2021 jamb, some dey score 21, ino even sure whether anybody score up to 300.”

Oyindamola Oreyomi said:

“My system also said I did 43 questions out of 180.

“Cried my eyes out but people were telling it was glitch or whatever they called.

“At the end of the day,we sha thank God.”

JAMB reacts to glitches during exam

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that JAMB had reacted to glitch problems encountered by candidates at CBT centres.

Oloyede appealed to the affected UTME candidates to remain calm, stating that it was expected that some CBT centres would fail.

He said the technical issues are due to the level of development in different parts of the country. He appealed to candidates not to disrupt others from writing if they experience any technical issues during the exam, as they would be rescheduled to write the exam.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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