JAMB 2024: Result of Muslim boy, 16, who memorised Quran gets people talking

  • A Nigerian man has shared the stellar performance of his 16-year-old nephew in the just concluded 2024 UTME
  • The intelligent boy who intends to study electrical and electronics engineering scored an aggregate of 348 in the exams
  • The man also recounted how the young boy did exceptionally well in his GCE by securing 6 A1’s and 2 B2’s in the exams

The impressive Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) result of a 16-year-old boy has gone viral online.

His proud uncle shared the good news online after the brilliant boy hit an aggregate of 348 in the 2024 UTME.

UTME result of Muslim boy who memorised QuranBoy who memorised Quran passes UTME
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Brilliant boy’s UTME result goes viral

The uncle identified as @idrisayobello on X disclosed that his nephew got 66 in English language, 95 in Mathematics 95 in Physics, and 92 in Chemistry.

He revealed that the young boy intends to study electrical and electronics engineering in the university of Lagos.

Idris also noted that his nephew did remarkably well in his General Certificate Examination (GCE) with 6 A1s and 2 B2s.

Speaking further, the proud uncle disclosed that that the 16-year-old Muslim boy had also memorised the Quran.

In his words:

“I am rarely impressed but my nephew scored 348 in Jamb! Eng 66 Maths 95 Phy 95 and Chemistry 92. Coming after 6 Als in the last GCE including English, Maths, Further Maths and Physics. The 16-year-old boy wants to study Elect/Elect at Unilag. He has also fully memorised the Quran!

“I cant even mention my own JAMB score publicly, to think I was the one who was once regarded as the genius in the family! Thank God these ones didn’t come during my time!”

Reactions trail Muslim boy’s UTME result

Netizens in the comments section expressed their amazement over the boy’s performance in UTME.

TMZ said:

“He chose the right school. Enough said.”

Parah said:

“This one will be a genius engineer.”

@sulaimonidowuu reacted:

“Una don raise efiwe. This is quite impressive. May Allah put barka in it.”

@JoshBiggs007 said:

“Excellent results! The next huddle will be the post-JAMB which I think should be bread and butter in comparison to the previous two. Here’s wishing him well in his aspirations and endeavors.”

@jtabdulrahman reacted:

“Congrats to him. I think something is wrong somewhere with low scores in English we see from many who scored high in other subjects.”

@AdagbaOkiki said:

“What a beautiful motivation from him. May God continually help him. He is unstoppable.”

@oakcha reacted:

“With what I am hearing that you can’t enter the Nigerian university until you are 18. How is he planning to navigate that. Congrats to him.”

Daniel B. Udoanwan, AMIMPS said:

“He may be qualified for a multimillion naira scholarship at Nile University of Nigeria. Check it out.”

See the post below:

Ondo girl’s high aggregate UTME score trends

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that the UTME result of a Yoruba girl from Ondo state who had 6As in WASSCE has gone viral.

A Nigerian man shared the result online and showered accolades on the girl for her brilliant performance.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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