“It’s not easy”: Lady in UK fails to get job after suffering to go for interview

  • A Nigerian lady has vowed not to give up until she is able to land a job in the UK despite the challenges
  • She shared a video showing when she was going for an interview for a job at the UK’s National Health Service (NHS)
  • The lady said after the interview with the UK’s NHS, she got a call that she was not successful, but she said she would try again

A lady has said hunting for a job in the UK is very stressful after she failed to get a job with the UK’s NHS.

The lady said she attended an interview at the National Health Service (NHS) hoping to land a role but was unsuccessful.

Lady fails to get a job in UK after interview.The lady went for a job in an interview at the UK’s NHS. Photo credit: TikTok/@stephofmanchester and Getty Images/Aaron Foster.Source: UGC

The lady, Steph of Lagos, shared a video showing when she was going for the interview.

She said that after the interview with the UK’s NHS, she received a call telling her she had not been hired.

Steph vowed not to give up until she got a job in the UK. Her video received many comments from her followers, some of whom shared similar experiences.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as lady searches for a job in the UK

@darmlo said:

“Funny thing they would be telling you fantastic, awesome, and the likes for your mind you go dey feel fly. Until dem go send you unfortunate mail.”

@Tolu Lope said:

“If they ask you do you have a car and you said no, forget the job. Job hunting is crazy. Countless of interviews. We go win las las.”

@Dolipified said:

“Watching this after getting an ‘unfortunately email’ from a job I was also qualified for and hoped to get. WE MOVE!”

@Ngozi said:

“I really needed to see this. I have been unsuccessful too for this NHS interview, and they were really happy with my answers. So I thought I would get it.”

Lady gets visa to relocate to the UK

Meanwhile, a lady who applied for a UK visa got approval, but there was a serious mistake in the document.

The lady shared the story of how she went home only to find the wrong date on her visa when she had already received admission to study in the UK.

She had to wait for many days for the mistake to be rectified before she finally departed Nigeria for the UK.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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