“It’s not a betrayal”: Yoruba chieftain defends Tinubu amid Yahaya Bello, El-Rufai’s probes

  • PDP chieftain Segun Showunmi, who called on President Bola Tinubu to shield ex-governor Yahaya Bello and Nasir El-Rufai from being investigated, has been knocked
  • Barrister Oladotun Hassan, the president of the Yoruba worldwide, condemned the call, noting that former governors have always been investigated
  • Hassan also condemned Showumi’s analogy of ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo keeping his side of the bargain with the north, stating that the former president messed up the Yoruba value system by sponsoring third term agenda

Fox Nigeria journalist Bada Yusuf is an accomplished politics and current affairs editor, boasting over seven years of experience in journalism and writing.

The chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Segun Showunmi, called on President Bola Tinubu to shield the former governors of Kogi and Kaduna states, Yahaya Bello and Nasir El-Rufai, from being investigated by the anti-graft agencies have been knocked.

Barrister Oladotun Hassan, the president of the Yoruba worldwide, told TheTalk.NG in an exclusive interview that President Tinubu has not betrayed anyone. According to him, what Showunmi did was the same with the Yoruba nation agitators playing the ethnic game.

The claim by the PDP chieftain Segun Showunmi that President Bola Tinubu has the responsibility of shielding the former governors of Kaduna and Kogi states, Nasir El-Rufai and Yahaya Bello from being investigated has been condemned.

Showunmi knocked for calling on Tinubu to defend Yahaya Bello, Nasir El-RufaiSource: Twitter

The legal practitioner also condemned Showunmi’s position, stating that former President Olusegun Obasanjo was the only Yoruba who kept his side of the bargain with the north. He added that the former military general betrayed the values of the Yoruba people by launching the third-term agenda against the constitution.

According to Hassan:

“The ongoing investigation of Yahaya Bello and El-Rufai involves committal offences within their specific states as former governors, and questions are being asked. This is not the first time former governors have been investigated.

“Under Obasanjo, we had investigations and under Buhari, we continue to have investigations. It is most likely presumed that those who will be facing the Golgotha are most likely from the opposition angle. Those who are in the government of the day will see themselves as the angel.

“I want to defer on the premise of Showunmi that we have value for relationships, and nobody should guide us without notion.”

Speaking on the claim that Obasanjo met his side of the bargain. Hassan said:

“As far as Obasanjo is concerned, he messed our values up by not standing on the constitutional bargain of the country to spend almost 31 years.”

EFCC chairman vows to prosecute Yahaya Bello

Fox Nigeria earlier reported that EFCC chairman, Ola Olukoyede, has vowed to resign from his position if the former governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello, was not prosecuted.

At a press conference, Olukoyede vowed that all those who obstructed the former governor’s arrest would also face prosecution.

The EFCC chairman called for Nigerians’ support, adding that the agency’s effort has helped stabilise the naira against the dollar.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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