“It’s even cheap”: Man charges Nigerian couple in UK N355k to cut their backyard grass

  • Two Nigerian lovers in the UK reacted when they were charged £200 (N355,765.40) to clear their garden abroad
  • Seeing that the charge was expensive, they got an electric mower and cleared the space by themselves
  • The couple’s video received mixed reactions, as some argued that they were no overcharged for the task

A Nigerian lady living in the UK has shared the experience she and her husband had with outsourcing their garden cleaning.

The couple was surprised when they called a labourer, who charged them £200 (N355,765.40) for the job. They had to find a solution quickly.

Gardening in the UK/Nigerians living in the UKThe couple bonded as they cleared their garden.
Photo source: @urgurlnazaSource: TikTok

Gardening job in UK

The couple got a lawnmower and trimmed their garden themselves while making a video about the experience.

Despite some people saying the cleaning was not professional, they never minded as cutting the weed saved them money.

Watch their video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Kingsley Rex said:

“Una Dey suffer low key for that Uk.”

Aziz Ali said:

“£200 that was very good deal for what I am seeing!”

Aanuoluwapolorimi said:

“Couple that cut grass together sticks together.”

Enñy said:

“But na for Nigeria and someone charge you guys 10k you’ll be shouting.”

user7288801868482 said:

“£200 is even cheaper. They charged my friend £400.”

emmanuelkalu452 said:

“£200 is a good deal. I used £500. But I hadn’t cleaned the backyard for 2 years. the place be like forest.”

Ogbenija Temitayo Segun asked:

“Can’t you plant vegetables in there? am just asking I don’t know if it’s not permitted.”

The wife replied:

“It is permitted, I’m on the lookout for someone who will bring seeds for me.”

Shazze Nella said:

“£200??? That’s crazy cheap.Y’all got lucky with that quote.”

Uj said:

“Use every activity to have fun and bond.”


“Garden wey una supposed dey use plant ugwu.”

Kwame Josephine said:

“In the UK, I’m now a car mechanic.”

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian woman who relocated to Canada before her husband rejoiced when her family finally joined her abroad.

She was emotional as she welcomed her husband and kids. She knelt and hugged the three children.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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