“It Pains Me When People Say Carter Efe Is Ugly”: Comedian’s Girlfriend Opens Up, Video Trends

  • Nigerian skitmaker and musician, Carter Efe’s girlfriend Emmanuella has finally shared her thoughts on her man’s appearance
  • During an interview, Nuella was asked if she thought her man was cute and she addressed the topic by speaking about people calling him ugly
  • Carter Efe’s girlfriend’s response to the question about his looks raised a series of interesting comments from netizens

Nigerian skitmaker and musician, Odahohwo Joseph Efe aka Carter Efe’s girlfriend, Emmanuella, is in the news over her comment about his appearance.

In a video that was posted on Instagram by the public figure, he was with his girlfriend on a show when she was asked to share her thoughts about his looks.

Carter Efe's girlfriend reacts to comments calling him ugly.

Video as Carter Efe’s girlfriend shares what she thinks about his appearance.
Photos: @carterefeSource: Instagram

In the viral video, the interviewer asked Nuella if she thought her man was cute. In response to that, the skitmaker’s girlfriend opened up on just how much she admired him.

According to her, anytime Carter Efe dresses up to go out, she’s always worried that other ladies might want to take him from her. Not stopping there, she added that her man is so cute and it pains her when she sees people online calling him ugly.

In her words:

“Let me tell you something, when this guy dresses up and he’s about to leave the house, I’m scared that ‘babe please don’t let them take you away from me’. This guy is cute. Do you know it pains me when I see comments like ‘this guy wowo o’. It’s the camera, he’s not ugly.”

See the video below:

Netizens react as Carter Efe’s girlfriend speaks about his looks

The video of Carter Efe’s girlfriend sharing her thoughts about his appearance made the rounds on social media and raised interesting comments from netizens. Read some of them below:


“He is not ugly actually, He just chose to appear mumucious. Some of your Favs looks worse if they get recorded the way they record him.”


“It’s only when he start doing his werey he will be looking funny but if u see his normal self so cute .”


“Actually Carter na fine boy o, forget skit o.”


“Beauty is in the ear of the beholder, abi how dem talk am?”


“This life just have money button.”


“The carter sef come dey blush .”


“But he fine if you look am fast fast .”


“Fine tall black man. The skit won’t allow us see in between .”


“Brown skin boy .”


“He’s not ugly tho. He makes himself look ugly bcoz of his content.”


“Haaaaa beauty is really in the eye of the beholder .”


“He’s not ugly cos he as money nah cos nah money be fine bobo.”


“If you don’t hype your man who will,go gurllll he’s cute.”


“Lol you’ve actually not seen Carter in person. Very sweet black boy.”

Carter Efe celebrates his girlfriend

Fox Nigeria earlier reported that Efe had taken to social media with a post celebrating someone dear and special in his life.

The controversial skit maker wished his woman Emmanuella a happy birthday and also got some of his friends to do the same.

Sydney Talker, Nasboi and DeGeneral, among others, celebrated her in a video that got netizens gushing.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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