“Is Tapswap a Scam?” Man Makes Vital Observation About Telegram Coin Mining App That Has Gone Viral

  • A Nigerian man has asked some questions concerning some interesting things he noticed on Tapswap
  • The man, who is a cryptocurrency analyst, asked to know if Tapswap is a scam because of some changes in the app
  • He shared a video drawing attention to the fact that Tapswap no longer claim to be powered by the Solana blockchain

A Nigerian man has made an interesting observation on the viral Tapswap coin mining game.

In a video he posted on TikTok, the man said there have been some disturbing changes to the Tapswap app.

Man points out things he observed about Tapswap.The man said some changes have been made to the Tapswap coin. Photo credit: TikTok/@szymansk_i and X/Tapswap.Source: UGC

He said there are new tasks he saw on the Tapswap app, which he thinks do not add up.

In the clip, @szymansk_i clicked on one of the new tasks, and the link led him to a different Telegram channel which posts sports news.

He also clicked on the second task link and it took him to another Telegram channel which gives news about Nigeria.

Is Tapswap a scam?

Based on his observation, the man, who is a cryptocurrency analyst, said the promoters of Tapswap are playing with people.

Another observation he made is that Tapswap no longer claims to be powered by the Solana blockchain.

He pointed out that Tapswap initially had “powered by Solana” written around the coin, but that has been changed.

He said what is written on the coin now is “powered by community”.

In a reaction, another cryptocurrency analyist, Ekeson Egwuonwu told Fox Nigeria that the changes may not mean that Tapswap is a scam.

He also said

“If you watch what Tapswap is doing, Tapswap seems to be raising money. He pointed out that Solana denounced Tapswap and said that they didn’t know them, but I’m yet to verify the statement. Yes, there was a time when Tapswap said their coin was powered by Solana, but later, they removed it. They decided to use the community. The community is you and I. They are the people who are mining the coin. They changed from ‘powered by Solana’ to ‘power by the community’, which means the community they are talking about is you and I.

“The news he pointed out, these people are just sponsors. They are sponsoring Tapswap. they are trying to establish their business through Tapswap because Tapswap has a customer base. I’m not trying to kick against his points, but the tendency of Tapswap not being a scam is higher than it being a scam. For me, Tapswap is not a scam.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions to crypto video

@Henrymass Tv said:

“Only Hamster looks legit for now.”

@Christabel Kadiri said:

“If Tapswap fail us, many people will not believe in even the Hamster combat again.”

@userlacy brown said:

“Una too the take things serious, how you take reach 7 billion and you still want them to launch?”

Man buys AC with money earned from Notcoin

Meanwhile, a Nigerian youth happily showcased the air conditioner he purchased thanks to earnings from Notcoin.

He posed with the AC and urged crypto enthusiasts to keep tapping to take advantage of Tapswap mining.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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