“In God’s time”: Happy man finally beats rejections to gain Canadian visa

  • A young man was overjoyed to receive his Canadian visa, a milestone he eagerly shared in a TikTok video that quickly gained widespread attention
  • With palpable excitement, he unveiled his visa package and proceeded to display his passport, proudly showcasing the page stamped with his Canadian visa status
  • Despite facing previous rejections for visas to the US, UK, and Canada, he remained steadfast in his belief that approval would come at the time deemed right by divine providence

A young man was filled with joy as he finally received his Canadian visa.

This significant achievement was something he couldn’t wait to share, so he made a TikTok video that quickly captured the hearts of viewers everywhere.

The Nigerian man showed happiness on receiving his Canadian visaHe faced several rejections but eventually got an approval. Photo credit: @buga_nurseSource: TikTok

In the video, his happiness was unmistakable as he opened his visa package and showed off his passport, flipping to the page where the Canadian visa was stamped.

Nigerian man receives Canadian visa

He shared a bit of his journey too, revealing that he had faced setbacks before, with unsuccessful visa applications to the US, UK, and Canada, as shown by @buga_nurse.

But he never lost hope, holding onto the belief that when the time was right, his persistence would pay off. And it did, leading to this moment of triumph.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Beth said:

“My advice from experience, yes yoU can be excited when you receive your visa, but prepare yourself for shege, because you will literally see shege before settling.”

Nurse TABs wrote:

“When you see me so happy about my relocation, na only me know wetin my eyes don see, and na me know wetin God don do for me.”

Mercury lord commented:

“What is so special about going to Canada.”


“I’m happy for you…naso una go celebrate me too.”


“Somethings are meant to be kept secret.”

Mira baby:

“I am happy for you una go still join me happy for my own.”


“Cheers to us with experience from USA refusal.”

Scene Mania:

“What if we wen con get American and Canada visa approval, Watin you wan make we do. Oga calm down. No be everything dem de post online.”

ANurse TABsS:

“Now you’ve also done what I did, you posted this online for everyone to see, you too calm down, no be only you get visa approval REST!”

Nharnah khophi:

“Congratulations, I pray God comes through for me soon.”

Man secretly gets visa

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a Nigerian man secretly processed his Canada travel documents without giving a hint to his girlfriend.

It was after he got his Canadian visa approved that he decided to mention it to his woman.

Sharing the story on TikTok, the lady in question, @abaya_plug_in_, said she thought it was a joke until she learned it was real.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a Nigerian man has shared his experience after taking a bold step to relocate to Canada.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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