“Impermissible”: Famous Islamic Cleric Dr Sharafudeen Declares Verdict on Notcoin, Tapswap, Others

  • A prominent Islamic cleric has delivered a stinging religious verdict on those earning through Notcoin, Tapswap and other GameFi cryptocurrency projects
  • The southwestern knowledgeable scholar said it is outright impermissible to be earning through such means
  • He advised Muslims to instead find better jobs to do and earn from especially Islamically sanctioned occupations

A famous Nigerian Islamic cleric, Dr Sharafudeen Gbadebo Raji, has declared that earning through viral Telegram games like Notcoin, Tapswap, and the like is unallowed according to Islamic rules.

The Ogbomoso-based PhD holder, who is known for his harsh takes on religious matters, noted that tapping one’s phone screen could hardly be called work and warned that Muslims should desist from it.

Dr Sharafudeen Gbadebo RajiDr Sharafudeen advised Muslims to seek clearer means of sourcing income
Image: Youtube/AjurawaloSource: Youtube

He made the statement during a question-and-answer session of his periodic Islamic program, tagged “Hudan Wa Bushra,” which was live-streamed on Facebook.

He warned that investing time into mining coins could later lead to depression, as the projects may decide not to pay, and miners will have nothing to do for them.

Reactions trail cleric’s declaration

Many people flooded the comment section of the Facebook post to negate the scholar’s take, with some asserting that the person who asked the question did not frame it nicely.

Others pointed out that the internationally acclaimed religious sage does not have sufficient knowledge of the blockchain industry, making any verdict from him on the subject matter half-baked.

TheTalk.NG has compiled some of the comments under the post below:

Jimoh Ibrahim said:

“Smiles, the problem is not Ustadh response. He responded based on how he was asked. As for Crypto, it’s a concept you can’t lay a blanket rule upon it. In a world you can; Read-to-earn. Walk-to-earn. Play-to-earn. All this is what is called Proof of Work (PoW). And as Ustadh said, we should work to earn money. Solving complex mathematical problems to earn bitcoin, I don’t think anyone would call this haram. I don’t dispute there might be some aspects which are haram in crypto. But, like I said, we can’t lay a blanket rule on it. We need to unlearn, learn and re-learn.”

Ibraheem Haneef Junaid commented:

“Since it is not riba (interest) neither is it stealing and neither has it being slated as scam, It cannot be called HARAM. Crypto mining is Halaal until it has been proven haraam. And how do you prove it as haraam? You bring a clear text from either the Quran or Sunnah that it is haraam, which obviously does not exist. Then, you move to the next phase of checking whether It is or resembles any other haraams that we know and the answer is NO. I am not insulting or discrediting Dr sharofudeen gbadebo, but, a very vigilant person should know that sometimes, Dr sharof do make fatwas with emotion”

Tapswap: Man shares new trick

TheTalk.NG earlier reported that in the past few days, many Nigerians participating in the Taspwap crypto project have been unable to access the Telegram game, sparking concerns.

A Nigerian man, Ambrose Nwaogwugwu, offered a working solution to the problem.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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