“I’m tired of staying in village”: Nigerian man cries uncontrollably in video

  • A young Nigerian man who has been in the village all his life has broken down in tears over his condition
  • In a video, he cried out passionately to God and expressed his desire to leave the village for greener pastures
  • Social media users who came across the video took turns to encourage him never to give up on his dreams

A Nigerian man’s post lamenting about his poor condition has triggered emotions on the TikTok app.

In a video, tears rolled down the young man’s cheeks as he spoke about the stagnancy he has been facing in life.

Nigerian man laments over village lifeTearful man desires to leave village
Photo credit: @ugboyocomedian042/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Man desires to leave village

According to the young man identified as @ugboyocomedy042, he has been staying in the village for a very long time.

He expressed his utmost desire to leave the village for a city and prayed for God to come to his aid and make him successful.

“God please I’m tired of staying in the village. Just help me,” he cried.

Reactions as man laments over village life

Social media users who watched the video on TikTok took turns to encourage the young man and pray for him.

@KC Football Tv said:

“If you can work. I will help you with western Europe visa, Belgium or Portugal.”

@Karima said:

“Can u travel to Ghana? I will help u for accommodation and job to do but am currently in Qatar.”

@James said:

“Chaii my brother I was once in dis situation but today all thanks to God am now in Malaysia God will make a way for you.”

@idrismajor said:

“Oga stop crying, you’re not a kid,think outside the box and make your,all thise people will not help you, be careful of these people, create your way.”

@arianamusa135 said:

“Please stop crying. seeing your tears is making me to cry. God will make a way for u sooner than you expected.”

@Max reacted:

“Well, Not really about leaving the village but leaving for Good and coming back for Good. May God grant you ur Heart Desires.”

@On best Chris said:

“Wherever you find yourself try to do your best, some people in the town is not better than the ones in the village oo.”

@Mag-dalene added:

“Weep no more because El-Roi sees and hears you. Your destiny helper is on the way to you now but pls don’t be ungrateful to him in future. May the Lord attend to your request, Amen.”

Watch the video below:

Man in UK cries over hardship

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian man in the UK made a video about how hard living abroad is compared to what many think.

The man said many who see him in the UK would think he has succeeded in life without knowing the struggles abroad.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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