“I’m done”: Bride calls off her wedding after discovering groom cheated on her

  • There was chaos and confusion on a road as a couple created a huge scene over their ruined wedding
  • The enraged bride called off the wedding after discovering her husband-to-be cheated on her a day before their holy matrimony
  • Mixed reactions trailed videos from the couple’s heated public exchange as many picked sides with the bride

A bride has cancelled her wedding on the D-day after she learnt the groom cheated on her a day before.

A lady, who claimed the bride is her friend, shared the sad development on TikTok with videos of the couple’s public face-off.

Bride cancels her wedding over groom cheating on her, videos go viralBride cancels her wedding on D-day.
Photo Credit: @chary525Source: TikTok

The enraged bride refused to listen to appeals from the groom and others on their wedding entourage and declared that she was done.

She was still in her white wedding dress and another lady believed to be her chief bridesmaid also wore the same dress.

The groom and his best man both wore matching suits. Videos from the incident have sparked a debate online.

At the time of this report, Fox Nigeria could not authoritatively confirm the authenticity of the incident.

Watch the videos below:

Netizens divided over the ruined wedding

bahati said:

“All who are saying she is not ready….ur are desperate,too desperate…I support this gal.”

Laris said:

“If she enters the marriage then start complaining later , You people will still say she saw the red flags and ignored it. People sha.”

Adeniyi Sanusi salamot said:

“If she is the one that cheated will the man go ahead with wedding, I support you.”

Sharry said:

“You made the right decision because this man doesn’t respect you. you also saved yourself from STI.”

Vera Collins said:

“I love you sis. don’t start what you cannot finish. he will not tolerate it either.”

Jayda-Wendy said:

“Please don’t marry him ooo! He will do it in the marriage! Prevention is better than cure.”

christopherihunan said:

“My sis the truth is that you won’t see a perfect man in this world, please pardon his and continue your marriage then sound it as a warning to him.”

Lady cancels wedding over hubby’s financial status

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a bride-to-be had cancelled her wedding after finding out her fiance was not as rich as she expected.

The wedding was supposed to take place in July, but the couple had a disagreement over the budget. The groom told his fiancée that he did not have enough money to sponsor all the ceremonies she had planned.

He asked her to scale down her expectations and focus on the marriage, not the events. She cancelled the wedding and ignored the pleas of her mother, relatives and friends.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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