Ikeja Cantonment Blast:Army Assures Public – No Need to Panic, Situation Managed”

The Nigerian Army wants to tell people in Lagos not to worry about the explosion at the Nigerian Army Cantonment in Ikeja, Lagos on Monday. They are already looking into what happened.

This explosion happened after the place was checked and cleared a few months ago, following a bomb blast in January 2022. Even though they found and got rid of over 155,000 dangerous explosives back then, this new blast has made people concerned.

The Army says nobody got hurt, and it was just a small explosion. Major General Onyema Nwachukwu, the Director of Army Public Relations, confirmed it happened on Monday, April 1, 2024.

He explained, “A small explosion happened within the Nigerian Army Cantonment in Ikeja, Lagos, on a farm near the Mammy Market there. It seems it was caused by a farmer burning trash and other things on the farm.”

Thankfully, nobody was hurt. But since there was a big explosion before in this area, the Army understands why people might be worried. They want everyone to know that they are in control. The Army’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal team has blocked off the farm area to check what caused the explosion.

They are asking people around not to panic. Everyone’s safety is their priority.

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