If You’re Still Doing These 5 Things in Nigeria Amid Hardship, You’re Considered ‘Rich’ [Checklist]

In the midst of Nigeria’s challenges, where many are voicing concerns about the high cost of living, there are those who still maintain lifestyles that suggest affluence.

What it means to be ‘rich’ can vary greatly, especially in today’s Nigeria. Despite the widespread hardship, some individuals continue to live in a manner that sets them apart.

Here are five indicators of wealth in present-day Nigeria:

1. **Consistent Savings**: If you’re able to set aside a portion of your income for savings regularly, you’re in a different league from those struggling to make ends meet in this tough economy. While many lament the lack of funds for even basic necessities, having savings elevates your status.

2. **Continuous Generator Use**: Despite the removal of fuel subsidies and the resulting high fuel prices, some people can afford to run generators non-stop. If you’re always stocked on fuel for personal consumption, you’re seen as an ‘Odogwu’—someone who’s got it covered.

3. **Frequenting Eateries**: With the steep rise in food prices, eateries that were once considered a luxury have become even more costly. If you’re still a regular at these places, it signals that the economic hardship hasn’t affected your lifestyle.

4. **Unwavering Composure**: When faced with the news of doubled item prices at the mall, you don’t flinch. You simply pull out your card and pay without a hint of surprise. While others around you bemoan their economic woes, you remain unfazed, comfortable in your financial stability.

5. **Champagne Popping in Clubs**: In a country where an average bottle of champagne costs about N100,000, individuals who casually buy multiple bottles in a single night at clubs are clearly unaffected by economic hardships. Their ability to indulge in such luxuries speaks volumes about their financial standing.

These are just some of the ways in which wealth is perceived amidst Nigeria’s current challenges. It’s a reminder that while many struggle, there are those whose lifestyles continue unaffected by the prevailing economic difficulties.

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