“If you don’t love him, let him go”: Lady dragged as boyfriend begs profusely

  • A Nigerian lady has shared the loads of messages her boyfriend sent to her after she blocked his number
  • In the messages, the troubled man begged her for forgiveness and pleaded with her to reply to his messages
  • Some netizens in the comments questioned if her boyfriend wasn’t loved at home for him to beg like that

A Nigerian lady has shared a series of messages from her boyfriend, pleading for forgiveness and begging her to respond after she blocked his number.

The messages went viral on social media, sparking mixed reactions about her boyfriend’s resolve to beg ‘too much’.

Lady leaks chat as boyfriend begs her profuselyMan begs girlfriend who blocked him
Photo credit: @fran_chiseblinks/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Lady displays messages from troubled boyfriend

In the messages shared by @fran_chiseblinks on TikTok, the boyfriend repeatedly apologised and asked for forgiveness, stating that he would continue to love her even if she had moved on to someone else.

He accused her of taking things too seriously and begged her to reply to his messages, claiming that he was going through a difficult time and her silence was adding to his pain.

In his words:

“I will keep loving you even if I find out that you have a man in your life. I always love you but you failed to understand my kind of person. Please reply me let me know where I stand now. Are you ending our relationship?

“I have been begging you to reply me since morning but you are still not responding. You have bad character of taking little things serious. I am passing through a lot don’t add to my pains please.

“You said it’s always only about me? When you told me you never saw light in me do you know how I felt that day? But look at you reacting to a joke. I was playing game madam. If you don’t want to pick then it’s fine.”

Reactions trail troubled boyfriend’s messages

The TikTok post gained significant traction on the platform as netizens shared their opinions.

@Donjoe said:

“There’s only one reason his doing this,I’m 100 percent sure he has not slept with you relax your turn go reach.”

@SophiaSoft5 stated:

“This my man. I blocked him one night after quarrel hmmm I saw calls, chats, texts haaa I was so surprise.”


“Haba is too much na. If u don’t love him let him go please. Omo I feel for him.”

@sylvanuuu reacted:

“Why will you let a man beg you this much? Haba you no get conscience.”

@Williams victory said:

“Why would you say that you didn’t see light in him it hurts a lot.”

@horlayide said:

“I was doing him like this, he find someone else sharp. Na me dey wonder if I’m dreaming now. To see man wey Dey obsessed na by connection.”

@kevinosazee2023 wrote:

“Na because the guy no get work somebody wen dey hustle no go give 50 miss call, me i no even get tym to call woman three times a day.”

@ogarsylvesterisaa added:

“Madam electrician na u know who get light nd who no get light, no worry him go shock u like high tension.”

Watch the video below:

Man kneels in class to beg boyfriend

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian man was captured in a surprising video kneeling to beg his girlfriend for forgiveness.

In the video, the heartbroken man bore his heart to his girlfriend, who sat on a chair without minding his pleas.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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